Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey met with the media following the win over Florida State.

Ralston Turner

"I thought we did a good job of executing."

"I think that was just the execution of our team."

"Coach Lutz talks all the time about playing to win."

"I was pretty confident. Trevor was still on the floor and he's one of our veteran leaders. As long as one of us was out there, I didn't mind."

"I play to win all the time."

"It's not the first time we've had to do something like this. Basically, it's the next man up. We thought about Cat, and Cat's a part of our family, but at the same time, we still had a game to play."

"They've got some really good guards. They are actually a really good team. When we get back to Raleigh, we'll get back to work."

"It's play to win. I realized at the time somebody needed to step up within our offense. I tried to find spots and get going. As long as I do it within the means of our offense, it's no problem."

"It's playing 40 minutes. Regardless of the score, if you play 40 minutes... we play this hard, I like our chances."

"We've had some games like that early on in the year."

Trevor Lacey

"We just came out knowing how important it was to try and get a road win under our belt."

"It was very important to come out with energy this game and get out in transition."

"You have to give them some credit. They really got after us defensively in the second half and forced us to make plays. We didn't get a chance to walk through it and run our offense like we do in practice or in the first half."

"They got up in us. I wouldn't say it bothered us, but we had to make an adjustment."

"It's contagious. We all know what we can do. If one shot goes in we feel like we can make the next shot."

"My biggest adjustment was tryign to sustain my energy throughout the course of the game. I'm comfortable playing point guard, and I like playing point guard, but it's just I've never been a point guard for 40 minutes here."

"They tried to pressure me more and try to wear me down and for the course of the game it worked. I just have to be able to sustain my play over 40 minutes."

"Credit to my coaches for having the trust in me to create my own shot."

"We've been having a defender in our face all year. We just happen to be good enough to rise up and make some of those."

"I just try to play my game and based off they do. Smaller defenders I try to post, and bigger defenders I try to go around them. They mixed it up on me."

"With Cat out it made my job the primary point guard."

"I wouldn't say it's tougher to score, it's more changing your mindset of scoring. If I came out jacking as the point guard we'd never get in an offensive flow. The hardest part is balancing out when you should score and when you should try to get everybody else involved."

"We were just stalling and trying to milk the clock. We were going to take the best available shot and the way they were playing, they were physical... coach told me to go and make a play."

"I drove in there a couple of times and got my shot blocked so I wanted to pull up and get a shot on the rim. Hopefully it would go in or we'd get a tip-in."

"It's real big, especially since it was on the road. It's easier at home... but to do it on the road, it was tough but we came out strong."

"We came out with the confidence and energy that we needed... we played together and we played for each other."

"We have to defend the ball. I'm not sure if they... it's pretty much ball screen or beat your man off the dribble and make plays. We have to defend and our bigs have to be disciplined and show on ball screens."

"We have to play together."

"I've actually played against him before when he was at Kansas State and I was at Alabama. He's a good player. This offense, I think it fits him better... it's going to be a difficult assignment. I'm not sure I'll be guarding him the whole game, but it will be fun."

"Coach Lutz does a great job of scouting with what they like to do and where they like the ball, how effective they are going left or right."

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