Gottfried: "We're Excited"

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Florida State.

Mark Gottfried

"We're excited about the win. I watched tapes on Florida State and how they've played... a very impressive team."

"We obviously had a great start to the game. Offensively we made some shots and we were very aggressive. I thought that was important for us."

"I'm proud that we responded after they made their run. Sometimes that's hard to do. You build a lead, the other team comes back, makes a run at you, ties the game, now it's right in the balance, and we were able to make one more push out."

"I was proud our guys answered a run by them. That was big for our team. It's a good game for us to build on here."

"I think Cat, late last night he got a phone call and a very difficult time for him. Somebody that's very close to him lost their life. I appreciate Cat."

"Today at breakfast he was still grieving in a big way, and he didn't want to hurt our team. He said, 'I don't want to hurt our team. It might be better for me to not play.' I appreciate that about him."

"I think our guys stepped up and rallied because we were one guy short. Obviously Cat will need a couple of days here. He'll head back home and take care of some things, and he'll be back ready to go and get through it. It's unfortunate and very sad."

"Well, if you have any desire at all to be in the NCAA Tournament, which we do, you have to find a way to win on the road. You got to figure it out."

"You have to play through obstacles and find a way... it doesn't mean home games are easy. They are hard too, but obviously winning on the road is very difficult."

"We've got a team that is fairly young and still trying to figure things out. Today was big for our team and our confidence."

"There are 18 games and very few of them are easy games. Anytime you can find a way to win, especially on the road, is really big."

"We lost a little bit of that and some of that had to do with them. I thought they defended us better. I thought early in the game we were running a little more." <> "I think we might have got tired a little bit... we were a guy short on the perimeter, Trevor played a lot of minutes... Ralston got in foul trouble..."

"When you were making shots like we did early in the game and in the last couple of minutes... everything looks pretty good when you make shots."

"Yep. At halftime that was a point of emphasis with us. In the first half I think he was 3-of-4 from the 3-point line, and two of those, we lost him in transition. He got them early."

"We didn't do a very good job of getting our defense back and getting settled in. I think for the most part, when we got our defense back and made them score over us in the halfcourt we were very good. Outside of we didn't rebound well out of our zone."

"We're happy to win. Whether you're up, you're down... it doesn't matter who you're playing. In this league, wins are hard to get."

"We've had a couple of emotional weeks with some games... but everybody does. We don't need to be whining about it or making excuses about anything. It's a tough league for everybody in our conference."

"We need to find a way to win, and we're going to be happy when we do."

"It's an opportunity to maybe see if we can get this one done. A lot of people say, 'Coach, you have Virginia, Duke, and Carolina, that's a tough stretch.' I'd say, 'Yeah it is, but after that we're at Florida State, at Miami, and got Notre Dame.' Yes, those three are hard, but those three after or four, five... they aren't easy. They are all hard."

"We have 18 difficult conference tests... you just have to figure out how to get it done."

"Those guys have answered the bell most nights... Ralston and Trevor. They've made shots. Ralston came out of the timeout with the big three in the corner and I thought Trevor's shot at the top of the key... that was the dagger. That was the one. Those guys have responded and stepped up most nights for us."

"I thought about it, but I thought each time when we got a rebound we could generate something."

"Our guys executed that really well, that shot Ralston got in the corner. That was huge."

"I watched Miami at Duke, and I watched them carve them up like a side of fries. We better get ourselves ready. They are playing at a high level. For us it's going to be a big challenge."

"You better figure it out between now and then. I don't have the answer tonight, but I'll start watching tape and try to figure it out."

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