Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

CORAL GABLES, FL -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the loss to Miami.

Mark Gottfried

Opening Statement
Let me say first, my first thoughts are, I thought our guys certainly fought hard. The only part that bothered me was the start of the second half. I thought we had about a three-minute stretch or four-minute stretch where just didn’t play with the urgency that I tough we had.

We finished the first half and had a seven-point lead. We gave it away so quick. That is what bothers me. After that, I thought we played with great courage. Our guys played hard. They executed some things down there right at the end.

That was frustrating for us. It is a lesson, I guess, you have got to keep learning. These guy have got to learn. You can’t come out in the second half with that kind of casual attitude for a couple of minutes. Even though it was a couple of minutes, it evaporated our lead.

I think Miami is extremely talented. I really do. I watched their game against Duke. Rodriguez and McClellan are high level players. They are hard to guard.

We went through a long stretch, couldn’t make a shot. Some of that was because of their defense. Some of it was we just missed some shots. We missed some around the basket, couldn’t get the ball in the rim. And we couldn’t get to the foul line. We ended up taking four foul shots, so that wasn’t very good either.

On recent stretch of 12 games where NC State has alternated wins and losses...
I don’t know. Who knows? Some of it is who you are playing, your opponent. Who knows? There are very few easy games in the league. We come back home and we get Notre Dame, who is obviously playing very well this year. You have just got to get yourselves ready to play.

It is like Miami. Tell me how many teams in the country that you know are going to go in to Cameron and pound Duke by [16 points] like they did? You can’t say that was a one-night wonder. They beat them bad. It is a good team.

On complacency to open second half...
Lesson learned. Lesson learned. It hasn’t been a problem. That was one for me that was very frustrating.

They took the ball out one time and I have got five guys kind of walking back to the defense, they pitched up the floor real quick and got an And-1. They weren’t ready to play. That was only a couple minutes of the second half but that was disappointing.

That has not been the case with our team. I have no idea. They got out of it pretty quick but the problem was we lost what we gained. When you are on the road, it is hard to gain that sometimes, and then gain it again. That was difficult.

On the situation between fan and Cat Barber...
[I was made aware of it] just after the game. My daughter showed it to me on her phone. It is unfortunate, but I don’t think it was a really hard shove. Certainly we don’t want fans to put their hands on players. That should never happen anywhere.

We will move on from it. Obviously [we are] glad nothing ever escalated.

On expecting foul late when trailing by three...
Yes, and I was hoping we could somehow get [a shot] off before they did. We had a couple of things set up. We actually ran a couple of things pretty well. We ran one and Ralston had a wide open shot then we ran another one which he scored on.

But yes, we though—and I was anticipating—a foul and we could get one off before they did.

On difference between first and second halves...
We had two turnovers at halftime. We had eight in the second half. Two or three of those were just casual. Cat had a couple that was costly. We couldn’t get open shots to go down. We just couldn’t seem to get

it in the basket. If you think of eight turnovers, we only took four foul shots for the game, we had a poor shooting night—in the perimeter and inside, outside of Malik early—and we still had a chance to win. On the one hand that is pretty good. We missed too many shots.

On approach for Notre Dame on Sunday...
There are a lot of good things to build on. We have got a lot of basketball left. You have got to teach, coach, correct and do all the things that you do.

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