Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CORAL GABLES, FL -- Abdul-Malik Abu and Ralston Turner met with the media following the loss to Miami.

Ralston Turner

"In the second half, we didn't come out with the energy we needed to."

"After that, we played very hard and like you said, I think that decided the game right there."

"I did think it was going in. I missed that one and even despite that we still had a chance to win."

"I just have to knock it down next time."

"Everybody in this league is playing a tough schedule."

"We have to take care of business when we're supposed to."

"That stretch in the second half where we didn't come out with the energy we needed to that decided the game. That's a part of the maturity process for us."

Abdul-Malik Abu

"I just wanted to play like myself."

"They had the confidence in me to keep giving me the ball."

"We had a sense of satisfaction after playing hard in that first half."

"We just didn't match the intensity in the first five minutes and it got to a point where we were losing."

"I wanted to be aggressive and get back to my old style of play... just not thinking. I just wanted to help my team win. That's all I wanted to do."

"If you lose you have to step back, look at what you did, and get back to winning."

"A lot of shots didn't fall, but at the end of the day, that's basketball."

"You have to match their intensity to get the win, and we didn't do that in the first five minutes [of the second half]."

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