AUDIO: Pack Duo Talks Notre Dame

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Trevor Lacey and Kyle Washington discuss the upcoming game against Notre Dame.

Trevor Lacey

"We just have to be aware of their shooters and make sure we don't... it's going to really start with defending the ball and getting in the lane. That's what creates their disadvantage."

"That's their game... get in the lane and pitch, or drop off to their bigs."

"We have to be disciplined all the way around."

"Coach Lutz breaks it down for us a lot. He helps us with their strengths and weaknesses."

"[Grant] is a good player. He's going to do what he does. I just have to try and make it hard on him... force him to his weak hand and force him to make tough two's."

"I have to make sure I get my hands up in the passing lane because he's a real good passer."

"We let that one get away from us. I felt like we came out in the second half... no energy and like a good team does they fought back. They went on a run and we never answered the bell until late."

"We can't do that. We always wait to the last three or four minutes to make runs and it's too late."

"Pick-and-roll, with their personnel will be difficult to guard if you don't switch. With the big hedging, as soon as they pick-and-pop, they are good enough shooters where they don't need much space, room. There should be a lot of switching, if we communicate and get the job done early."

"That's our goal every night. Coach wants us to play in the 80s. We get to a point where we get lax... we stop pushing the ball, stop executing. That kind of plays into other team's hands."

"Coach is putting more of an emphasis on us pushing the ball and getting in transition."

"If we get stops we can get in the 80s and get more buckets."

"You have to switch it up based on personnel."

"The Virginia game was kind of a build-up game for that."

"It was a build-up game for Notre Dame with Miami where they have pick-and-pop four man who can shoot it really well."

"You have to make them bounce it."

"With our personnel and the guys we have.. our front court and how they change shots... it's on us guards to pressure the ball because they can protect the rim."

"Defense wins games and championships, and that's what we want to do."

Kyle Washington

"I think the coaching staff has done a good job of keeping us defensive-minded."

"With the addition of the twins, Malik, and BeeJay losing his weight... me getting more of a defensive mindset. I think that's craved an identity on the Wolfpack team of this year."

"We have to win with defense and get to the tournament with defense. We have to do that more and more."

"I think my freshman year it took a while to transition to the speed of the game and I think I''m tracking the guards that we play better."

"BeeJay just told me last year to keep being aggressive. He always knew I was a pretty good shotblocker. Not as good as him, because he's going to get upset, but he told me to stay aggressive on shotblocking."

"It will be different because they are an offensive-minded team. They have a lot of weapons on offense."

"We have to make sure we make them pay on the other side... we have to bury them deep and look for our bigs down there."

"I didn't play him that year, but I knew about him. He played for City Rocks in the EYBL. Watching him grow and be the player he's become is crazy to see because he's got really good. I'm happy for him, and I'm excited to play against him."

"I was proud of [Abu]. I told him before the game that I wanted to see that KUA Malik. I was really happy for him. He had the first ten or 12 points of the game. I told him to just stay aggressive and offensive-minded. He has great offensive skills."

"It's probably the most important key to the game. We have to make sure we are crashing the glass."

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