Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the loss to Notre Dame.

Mark Gottfried

On things Notre Dame did that got the Irish back in the game after trailing by 18:
Their penetration and pitch was really hard for us to defend. [Most of it] started with Grant, with his penetration, so they made some big shots and plays down the stretch.

Feelings after the game:
I am proud of our guys. We are going to build on this and stay positive and get ourselves ready to play on Wednesday.

On play of Martin twins:
I thought they did a great job. We played Trevor at the point for most of the first half. It gave Caleb and Cody a little bit more of an opportunity to play. I thought they both made just great plays offensively and defensively. Cody had a number of steals and deflections. Caleb stepped up and made two back-to-back threes. Those guys, they affect the game in so many ways.

On frontcourt play:
We were able to score a little bit in the first half with our big guys. We got the ball inside around the basket when they had a small lineup in. I thought we were able to take advantage of that.

Second half I thought when they went small we started to have a little bit of trouble guarding them with our two big guys in the game. It kind of forced us to play with the four guards again, which actually helped us in the first half too.

Does loss sting more?:
Every time you lose it hurts. In this league, it doesn’t matter where it is—home or road—and it doesn’t matter who it is. Today we had an opportunity and we just didn’t finish it. We had an opportunity at the end of regulation and we just didn’t finish it. Like I said, it wasn’t one play.

On Notre Dame’s offensive rebounding:
The way that they play, they’ve got shooters behind the [three-point] line—usually four of them—so your defense is spread out. The way they penetrate, pitch, shoot the three—a lot of times it is a long shot, which means a long rebound—there were a few critical ones I thought that were right around the rim.

On Abu offensive foul:
I don’t know that I would have called it, if it was me. Tony [Greene] called and I’ll look on the film and see. That is kind of the play we wanted with only 1.8 seconds, get the ball right there to the rim in a one-on-one situation. It was just two guys. I’ll look at it. Malik did a nice job of catching the ball.

On Lacey heave to Cody at in regulation:
Obviously, if Cody is wide open you throw it to him and hopefully you go up four then they’re a breath away from ‘Game, set and match.’ If not, we have just got to get the ball in.

Trevor made the decision, he thought Cody was open. I think the ball kind of slipped off the side of his hand. I could tell immediately, Trevor felt responsible.

I would do it again with Trevor and have Trevor make that decision. I am living with Trevor on that one.

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