Gottfried: "That's Going In"

ATLANTA, GA -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the win over Georgia Tech.

Mark Gottfried

"I think we just had a little zip coming out today. It was much needed for our team."

"It's hard to keep a team down like that on the road. We had a great start, we jumped out and it was like 17-3, it's hard to just maintain that for 40 minutes. You know at some point they're going to begin to play and settle into some things, which they did."

"I think [Georges-Hunt] is a great player, and I think Brian has got him doing the things he needs to do. He's using his strengths. I told him after the game, 'you're a great player, and we were fortunate."

"It was like Wofford, same play, and it worked out. [He] shot it a little quicker this time than he did in that game."

"I've watched Trevor Lacey since ninth-grade. I've watched him make more shots like that than any player I've ever had... any player I've ever been around. I've watched Trevor Lacey do that over and over and over again."

"When he got the ball, and he got it in a position where he got a normal shot... and it wasn't a heave, he got to where he could shoot it, I think everybody in our group said 'that's going in.' I've watched him do it countless times. Unbelievable."

"It left his hand and I put my hands in the air and said 'that's in.' I knew it. Never doubted it was going net."

"Best game [Barber's] played. Seven assists and one turnover. And tonight he's making the shot, making the three. He had a great game. The best game he's played. I'm very proud of Cat."

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