Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

ATLANTA, GA -- Cat Barber and Trevor Lacey met with the media after the win over Georgia Tech.

Trevor Lacey

"We were prepared for him to make one and get an inbounds play set up."

"Cody did a good job of finding me in the middle and it was on me to get a shot up on time."

"They were pushing up on the three's to make sure we didn't get a three off. Cat just found me and I was trying to get a quick bucket."

"I didn't want to settle for a three."

"It's very important... just trying to get this win, keep moving forward."

"He can do that every night. He's been admitting that he's learning still."

"When he plays like that, using his speed and quickness, we're going to have a chance every night."

"Our initial was pretty good, that's a plus for us, but there's always something we can learn from a game. We just have to box out."

"As guards we have to come down and help our bigs and collectively rebound as a team."

"When we were playing slow and in our halfcourt offense we were playing stagnant."

Cat Barber

"I think we had a team meeting and we discussed a whole lot of things about what we needed from each other."

"My team felt like I needed to step up and score the ball more for us to win and also get people in position to score the ball."

"Coach pulled me to the side and said, 'this is your time.'"

"Coach was just telling to go out and be you, do you, and that's what I did."

"It was big. It was a very important game for us to win."

"Unbelievable player, Trevor. He's our best player, and we got him the ball, and he did what he does best."

"The meeting was two days ago."

"Everybody just decided... we needed to discuss how we were going to go forward this season."

"I didn't start and Cody stepped up and played big."

"We're just going to play, help each other."

"When I'm aggressive and playing how I'm supposed to I think it changes the team. The point guard is always the key to the team."

"When I'm getting everybody involved and making sure we run, I think we're a much better team."

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