Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Cat Barber and Trevor Lacey met with the media after the loss to Wake Forest.

Cat Barber

"I think the way we came out today, we just didn't have the energy we had at Georgia Tech."

"If you're down by that much at halftime it's going to be hard to come back."

"The other team has the momentum."

"Ralston and Trevor started hitting shots that they normally hit."

"They did a great job of keeping the lead and winning the game."

"They are playing better throughout the year."

"I think we have to come out with that sense of urgency."

"I wouldn't say we took them lightly. I think we're playing hard. I just think the other team was playing harder than us at times."

"We have to get back in the gym and fight."

"I'm doing a better job of helping my team get more points."

Trevor Lacey

"They shot the ball well. You have to give them credit. If they play like that when we played them at home it would probably be the same result."

"We talked about it. We just have to carry it over to the game and make it happen."

"They hit a lot of tough shots. 67% in the first half? You can't do too much about that."

"I wish I could explain it and we wouldn't have these types of droughts and slow starts. We talk about coming out strong and finishing strong."

"All of them are tough."

"We just have to keep fighting."

"We had a couple of guys on their team we didn't want them to shoot three's. A couple were in transition where we didn't get back well. A couple were contested... you got to give them credit."

"They executed their gameplan."

"We were a little more aggressive pushing the ball."

"That's what Codi does the best, get in the lane and finish at the rim so we tried to pack it in and they made us pay from the outside."

"We thought eventually they would start missing them, but they kept it going... they shot it well. We fought back... were down 24 at one point and cut it down to three."

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