RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren shares his thoughts on the offensive signees in the 2015 class.

Winston-Salem (NC) Reagan Wide Receiver Chandler Belk
He is a preferred walk-on wide receiver from Winston-Salem. Chandler was in our camp last summer and he was one of those guys that you just couldn’t stop watching. He did a tremendous job in the camp.

I kept telling our coaches, “make sure we stay on that guy... make sure we stay on that guy.” Coach White did a great job keeping in contact with him. He is a tremendous student that, I think, will help our football team. I know he is going to work hard.

He comes from a winning football team as well... 12-2 his senior year. (CHANDLER BELK VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Princeton (NC) Tailback Johnny Frasier
Johnny, we recruited him for a long time. Coach White, coach Kitchings, coach Canada, and all the offensive guys obviously had a big role in this.

For him to be able to stay home, he has a great family that, I know, wanted to be a part of the experience.

[He] rushed for over 7,000 yards and 99 touchdowns in high school, and over 9,000 career all-purpose yards and 109 career touchdowns. So, a very accomplished high school athlete and a very good track star as well.

The thing I liked about Johnny... he made a decision, and he made a good decision early for what he thought was where he should be. As he kept looking at it, and he realized the importance of being home

[He] just handled it the right way... with a lot of class.

I really enjoyed getting to know the people around him and at his school. [There are] a lot of great NC State people over at Princeton High School. Coach Minor, who is moving on from there, did a great job of helping coach White throughout the process. (JOHNNY FRASIER VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

High Point (NC) Southern Guilford Tailback Reggie Gallaspy II
[He is] already on campus.

Reggie had National Signing Day and a 6 a.m. workout... a little tough. [He] led the state this year in rushing with 3,318 yards and 52 touchdowns. His team went 13-1 and had a terrific season.

He also played linebacker and played the entire game on both sides of the ball as a senior, which is impressive.

He is already on campus doing great things. (REGGIE GALLASPY VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Mallard Creek Wide Receiver Vernon Grier
Another Mallard Creek player, a wide receiver from Charlotte, North Carolina... one of coach Palmieri's guys. I was down there watching a game with coach Faulkner, and he was talking about Vernon to me, and I knew Vernon was fast... we heard a lot about him in track, one of the fastest track athletes in the state.

The opening kick he returned for a touchdown and [coach Faulkner] kind of looked at me and he gave me a smirk. I knew that he was the real deal.

We ended up finding a way to make this happen for him. [He is] a great young man from a great program. I have so much respect for coach Palmieri and what he does.

Obviously from Jaylen Samuels' high school... to be able to take another guy out of there, there's a lot of great players to come from Mallard Creek... back-to-back state champions. (VERNON GRIER VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Garner (NC) Tailback/Athlete Nyheim Hines
A local guy so a lot of you guys know a lot about Nyheim.

[A] very special athlete... 7,000+ yards, 126 touchdowns throughout his career. Like I told him in the recruiting process, I think he is a very versatile young man. He is a punt returner, kick returner, running back and a receiver. He also plays the Wildcat for them when they get into that package.

He has five lottery tickets on our team.

I think that is a great way to look at why he wanted to come here and why we wanted him. I think he can fill a lot of needs on our football team, not to mention the fact that he is tremendous young man. I really enjoyed getting to know his father, Darren, and his sister, Nyah, in the process... a great family.

He is from a program that has great ties to NC State. We were proud to keep those ties. Coach Canada and coach Kitchings did a great job of recruiting Nyheim. He is pretty proud of his arm too. I am excited to see him running the ball and catching it for us. (NYHEIM HINES VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Groveland (FL) South Lake Offensive Guard T.J. McCoy
He played both ways [in high school] for South Lake.

T.J. is an interesting guy. We had him in camp, and he has really impressed with not just with his ability but his leadership. He jumped right into the lines with Coach U. If he said get a one-foot split or two-foot split he was pointing that out to the guys on the line. He was very competitive.

His father was a tremendous player at Florida and played in the NFL for a long time with the Colts and the Cardinals.

T.J. can play center and guard. He is here already on campus so he is another guy that had his signing day right out on the practice field. (T.J. MCCOY VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Durham (NC) Hillside Left Tackle Emanuel McGirt
He is from Durham Hillside High School... one of Coach King's. Coach Kitchings, coach Canada, coach U and myself... this is a guy that committed early to the school down the road, and we stayed on him. We just never felt like it was the right fit for him and got him to come to his senses. We are really happy that he did.

I think he is a tremendous player at a position of high need for us. We have four tackles in this class, and we lost our two starting tackles as you know. We were the first to offer this young man back when he was 230 pounds and looked like he was 12 years old. Now he is 285 pounds and very mature, very intelligent, has great parents and is super competitive.

I can’t wait to see him, Darian [Roseboro], and Kentavius [Street] going against each other in practice. There is going to be great competition back-and-forth from o-line to d-line.

He's from a great program, a super-competitive program with a tremendous head coach working with those guys. (EMANUEL MCGIRT VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Lithonia (GA) Arabia Mountain Quaterback Jakobi Meyers
Our quarterback in this class. We have got to be the only team in college football with two Jacoby's, spelled differently.

He is also a tremendous baseball player, he played shortstop and pitcher. He is a 3.8 student. The young man is very interested in one day moving on to Pre-Med and moving into the medical school after football, after sports.

He has a strong arm, and is very athletic. I think he is one of the biggest steals in the country. He just didn’t play a lot of football. He jumped in from baseball his junior year, he has got two younger brothers that are really good football players.

I think he played his whole life but didn’t get into the competitive part until later on and had a great senior year.

We had to battle hard to get this young man. He was kind of unknown because he didn’t play a lot throughout his junior year. I am really proud of his character in sticking to his commitment to us. (JAKOBI MEYERS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Winston-Salem Carver Wide Receiver Brian Sessoms
He is probably the fastest kid that we have signed. Brian has very, very good speed from Carver High School in Winston-Salem.

In our camp, when he came last summer, his first time was a 4.18 and everyone kind of looked at each other like “No way.” He ran it again and ran a 4.21, he ran again and ran a 4.23, and then he ran it again and had a 4.28. So, he had four times under 4.3 in our camp.

Tremendous speed and he gets to his top-end speed very, very fast. He's a great accelerator.

He can do a lot of different things. He played receiver, running back, and was a returner. They didn’t kick to him a whole lot his senior year and I can see why.

He did have eight touchdowns as a returner in his career. (BRIAN SESSOMS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Bethlehem (PA) Catholic Wide Receiver Freddie Simmons
When coach McDonald got here, we talked about the need to find a longer receiver. We wanted to find a guy that could play and compete for our X-spot with the guys that we have coming back. This was a kid that he had in his pocket for us to talk about, and Freddie is a very athletic young man.

He was actually visiting Central Florida when coach got here, and we started trying to put that thing together. He committed to Rutgers early and then opened it back up.

He has a lot of things that you’ll see on film. He can run after the catch, has good length, good ball skills, and also plays basketball and runs track.

Just having that longer guy at 6’3” that can do things after the catch... to be in there with [Jonathan] Alston and to be in there with Steph [Louis] at the X-position to compete. I think it definitely helps us. (FREDDIE SIMMONS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Christian Offensive Tackle Philip Walton
Philip was a swimmer and got into football late, about his sophomore year.

He was playing defensive end when coach Faulkner brought his film in to me. He was kind of raw, hadn't seen a lot, and hadn't had him in camp.

Then he came up on a visit. He had his cowboy boots and cowboy shirt... he is 6’7”, long and muscular. I'm like this guy has a chance.

They moved him to offensive line, and he is definitely a guy that is going to have to develop and continue to learn how to play the game. But he just has unbelievable tools.

[He is] a great young man and a great student from a program that won back-to-back state championships. [I am] excited for Philip. He is an Agriculture major. He is one of the few guys you talk to about what do you what to be and he wants to be a farmer. Obviously, NC State is a great option when you hear those things come out.

I'm excited that he'll be joining us. Philip will be working that path and we have Emanuel McGirt working in Veterinary Science. So two big, ole offensive linemen working in stuff like that will be fun.


Baton Rouge (LA) Catholic Offensive Tackle Aaron Wiltz
We found Aaron when one of our coaches brought him in, I think coach Howe brought him in to us.

He was originally committed to Central Florida, and we found out about him. Obviously, we had a need at that position. He is tremendously athletic. He is a great wrestler. He is 6’5, 275, and very lean at that weight. He’ll be able to fill out really quick but another great student.

He comes from a program that has put a ton of players out there. When you talk about the state of Louisiana and how many players are in the NFL... there's a lot of really good football players that come out of Catholic High School. (AARON WILTZ VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Greensboro (NC) Contra Costa Tackle Daris Workman
Daris is a junior college transfer.

He was a basketball player at Dudley [High School in Greensboro] and moved his way into offensive line. He got out to Contra Costa and actually played both sports in junior college and did extremely well. He will be with us in the summer.

He fills a need for us losing both of our tackles... to be able to add a junior college tackle and three high school tackles into the mix for competition.

Daris is a great athlete and another guy that we feel like has tremendous upside with his background in basketball. It is hard to find 6’7 guys with great feet that want to be football players. (DARIS WORKMAN VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

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