NC State head coach Dave Doeren shares his thoughts on the defensive signees in NC State's 2015 football recruiting class.

NC State head coach Dave Doeren shares his thoughts on the defensive signees in NC State's 2015 football recruiting class.


Fort Dorchester (SC) Defensive Tackle Eurndraus Bryant
Big E... [he] is a late pickup for us. We have known about him for a while. He had a tremendous Shrine Bowl.

On his visit here he was 6’1 ¼ and 360 pounds. He is a big man. He can play both A-gaps by himself, so we are excited about that.

The guy plays left field on his baseball team. He's very athletic and we will get him back down into the shape he needs to be in... around 330 or less, but [he's an] explosive big man that does a lot of things.

He actually plays tailback in their goal-line, short yardage package... which reminded me of [William] ‘Refrigerator’ Perry when I was watching him on film.

I'm excited to add two 300+ pound defensive tackles when you talk about him and Quentez [Johnson] together.

I know in the Shrine Bowl he had several plays in the backfield... he forced a fumble and recovered a fumble. I think he had three and a half sacks in that game. (EURNDRAUS BRYANT VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Monroe (NC) Sun Valley Snapper Tyler Griffiths
He may be as important as anybody in this deal since we lost all three specialists.

We had a huge specialist camp last summer, and it was pretty well-known that our snapper was a senior and that we were trying to find one to replace him. There were a ton of snappers that came to our camp. We did a lot of competitions throughout the camp, and Tyler killed it. He did a tremendous job. He goes to a lot of competitions and always does well.

I liked that he was also a linebacker on his team, so he is a guy that can run down the field and make tackles. (TYLER GRIFFITHS VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Cedar Grove (GA) Defensive Tackle Quentez Johnson
Big Quentez... another big defensive tackle. He's from Cedar Grove, a great program in the Atlanta area... a lot of good young players in that program as well.

Quentez was in camp last summer, and he is a big ol’ guy. A great kid... really focused.

I’m excited about what can happen when he develops. Getting him and Eurndraus Bryant together and having two 300+ pound guys. We had two great defensive tackles here last year with Thomas and T.Y., and we want to make sure we continue to build from the inside-out. You have to be strong up the middle to be a good defense.

I thought those two additions really helped us on the depth chart with the two losses we just had. (QUENTEZ JOHNSON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Gibsonville (NC) Eastern Guilford Safety Jarius Morehead
Jarius played a lot of positions. He was definitely the center of his team. On offense, you would see him at quarterback and at receiver. On defense, you would see him at safety, you’d see him playing man-to-man, you’d see him playing zone. [A] very versatile athlete. He has even played outside linebacker.

He had over 100 tackles, two interceptions, six sacks and ran for a thousand yards and 14 touchdowns this season. He was the center of attention for sure at Eastern Guilford.

He committed to us early. He had a lot of the in-state options and knew this was the right fit for him. (JARIUS MOREHEAD VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Kissimmee (FL) Osceola Linebacker Riley Nicholson
Riley is from a great program in the state of Florida... one of the best, year-in and year-out.

Riley is on campus already. I know coach Hux has been recruiting him a long time. He had many options, and I just felt very strongly that this was a guy we needed to get on our football team.

He is tough, quick, is competitive, has great feet and has good instincts and vision.

Coach Nichols does a really nice job with the Osceola program. Again, we're trying to get not just good players but good players from good programs. This is definitely one of them.

Riley will have a chance to be an early contributor for us if he can stay healthy and continue to do what he is doing. He is a worker. (RILEY NICHOLSON VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Raleigh (NC) Sanderson Linebacker Cole Nigro
He is a preferred walk-on from Sanderson... right down the road.

He played middle linebacker and running back for coach Kolstad. He had 71 tackles and seven TFLs and also was a long snapper on their team.

I have had Cole in camp for a couple of years in a row... great student and a great young man. We are excited that he is joining us.

There has been a good tradition of local walk-ons coming here and having an impact on the program. Many of them have earned scholarships over time, and he definitely fits the mold of that. We are excited that he will be joining us and working with coach Hux. (COLE NIGRO VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Charlotte (NC) Olympic Defensive End Emmanuel Olenga
Manny is a defensive end... a very long, raw, and athletic guy. He had 16.5 sacks and forced five fumbles this year. There is a lot of great film of him at camps competing against some of the top-end linemen and competing well.

I am excited about his upside. I just think the guy is extremely raw. He is a really good athlete. He plays basketball, and is from a very neat family from Africa. They don’t speak real fluent English, and they are just great people. I really enjoyed getting to know them on the visit when they came in here.

I think this kid’s upside is through the roof. I know he is going to work extremely hard when he gets here.

He is one of those guys that is just going to just be thankful for the opportunity. You can see watching the film with his length, that is one thing we saw this year with Mike Rose and Pharoah... we are trying to get longer and longer at the defensive end spot. He can help us do that.(EMMANUEL OLENGA VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Pelion (SC) Safety Freddie Phillips Jr.
He is already on campus.

Freddie is a versatile DB that can play any of the three positions for our defense: free safety, strong safety, or nickel.

Defensively, he just does a lot of things. He can cover people, he can play the third, he can play the half, and he can get down and play outside linebacker in the nickel position.

He just has good ball skills and good awareness. He is already on campus and working really hard.

I am excited for him and his parents. His parents brought him up here many times and he had the local scholarship opportunities that a lot of these kids have between us and the other schools around. Freddie definitely had a kinship here with coach White and coach Kitchings.

His family just said, "We keep coming up here and popping up in these other places but our car keeps coming back to Raleigh more often than not."


Savannah (GA) Calvary Day Defensive End Tyrone Riley
Tyrone was 6’6 and a little more than 250 on his visit and he had a 6’10 ½ wingspan. He looks almost identical to Pharoah when they are standing next to each other. It is great to have another long guy.

The guy played safety his sophomore year, he played linebacker and some defensive end his junior year.

He is just a really long athlete, a good basketball player. [I am] excited that we were able to get him to change his decision and join us.

Losing Art Norman and Drew Davis from the defensive end position, I felt like that was a huge need for us. A guy like this that can play in space and do what he can do in our blitz packages helps. (TYRONE RILEY VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Lincolnton (NC) Defensive End Darian Roseboro
It is the second year in a row we’ve signed the top rated defensive player in the state... Kentavius [Street] last year, Darian this year.

Darian Roseboro is on campus already. He is down to about 280 pounds, but had a great morning this morning, working out.

[He is] another guy that decided to commit to another school early, but coach Uremovich, coach Nielsen, coach Hux, and myself stayed on him.

His mom and dad are great people. We asked him one time, “How many people come and watch your high school games?” He said, “30.” I said, “It is going to be hard for those 30 people if they can’t come watch you.” I think he is just a guy that has so much pride about playing in-state and having his family around him.

[I am] excited for Darian. He is a versatile guy. He can play our field-end, our boundary-end and now that he is in a college workout program it will be interesting to see the changes to his body.

Again, another young guy that we think can play early.

He also rushed for 1,500 yards and 34 touchdowns as a tailback. We have two defensive linemen that were tailbacks. (DARIAN ROSEBORO VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Raleigh (NC) Millbrook Linebacker James Smith-Williams
James is here already. He is working out, working extremely hard. We ran cross-fields this morning, and he can fly. I am really excited about what James has and what he brings to the table.

He is really, really athletic. He had 19 sacks as a senior and played more of an outside linebacker, rush-end position in high school at Millbrook for coach Ensor. He is going to play outside linebacker for us.

We will get a little weight on him. He is a 4.5 guy that jumped almost 11 feet in the broad jump and almost a 40” vertical when he came to camp this summer. He is tremendously athletic.

On top of that, he had a 4.9 weighted GPA, which is a 3.9 unweighted in high school. He created their service program at Millbrook High School for community service. He just brings a lot of things with him that you love to have on your football team academically and socially. (JAMES SMITH-WILLIAMS)

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