AUDIO: Pack Duo Ready For Cavs

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's BeeJay Anya and Cat Barber discuss the upcoming game against Virginia.

Cat Barber

"I think I'm getting back to scoring the ball. Coach wants me to score the ball."

"It helps, a lot of our bigs were cramping up so the two days off was good to regroup and recover."

"If we win this game it would be a big opportunity to go into the next game with confidence."

"We just have to go out there and play."

"We talk about coming out strong."

"It's the start of the game with us... we have to come out with a sense of urgency."

"We have to come out for the game strong and then finishing."

"It's a mental thing... we have to be on the same page, everybody has to be doing their assignments, and we have to come out and play hard in the first half."

"UVA is a great team. They play defense and they run their stuff. It's going to be a hard-fought game."

"Justin Anderson isn't playing, but they aren't going to lay down because one of their players is [out]."

"He's long and can spread his wingspan out it's hard to get around him. Justin Anderson is a great player... he's not there tomorrow so we're going to try to take advantage of that and come out and play strong. But, we can't let up on the other guys because they are still the same team."

"It's going to be challenging but I can try to get in my spots and get people open."

"They are going to have to come up on me now with the way I'm shooting the ball... if they play up on me I'm going to try my best to get past them."

"Coach plays us to get the floor spread and get in the lane."

"They run their stuff and they set screens... every time someone is coming off they are getting a person open. If you cheat on them they fade and hit big shots. I think their offense is great and how they run it is great to get open shots."

"We just have to do a good job with details... coach was telling us to be right on them when they are coming off screens."

BeeJay Anya

"It helped a lot. We were going hard for a couple of weeks now."

"We got time to get our bodies right and relaxed. It was good."

"We have to take it one step at a time... we can't look too far ahead."

"We need to start dominating every possession and play that way every possession."

"We're going to try and focus more on that and you'll see more focus from everybody on the team."

"These games are so valuable. If we can get these wins it would help our resume that much more."

"We're going to try and focus on Virginia first and get that win."

"Those two games are very important to us... we'll start with Virginia first and hopefully get a win on Wednesday."

"Coach Gottfried has told us to have poise and don't rush."

"When we get it, turn and face and see if we can find someone open."

"We're going to have to try and speed them up a little bit."

"The one game they lost this year was against Duke who really got up-and-down with them."

"It's impressive. They've held like three teams to under 30 points."

"We have to try and figure out a way to play our game."

"It's a big hit for them, but I know coach Bennett is a great coach. He'll rally his troops and they will play for Justin on Wednesday."

"I feel bad for [Justin], but we're going to try and take advantage of that on Wednesday."

"We're going to try and take it one game at a time."

"At the end of the day we didn't come away with a victory. We've played a lot of teams tough this year."

"We have a positive mindset. We're trying to get better as a team... we're not counting ourselves out. We're going to go out Wednesday and play hard."

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