Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Cat Barber and Trevor Lacey met with the media after the win over Louisville.

Trevor Lacey

"We finished... we got rebounds.. we just haven't been able to finish and play two halves and we played two halves."

"He's comfortable. He's been playing like this the last couple of games."

"You turn to ESPN and hear around the country how Harrell is a beast on the glass and putback dunks, all these things... [State's big men] stepped up to the challenge... they stepped up."

"I can't get too excited. We need more than this win. We were excited and all happy after the Duke game and we dropped a lot of games."

"We're going to still have fun with it, but like coach Gottfried preaches, it's one game at a time, win or lose."

"We'll have the same approach this game and take it over to the rest of the season."

"We stayed aggressive. You can't run your offense against them, they switch everything."

"We were trying to get side pick-and-rolls and get in the lane and make plays."

"We can't simulate what all these guys do with their press... we don't have the same personnel. We can't do it in practice. We just have to play basketball."

"Today it wasn't about running offense. It was about making plays and playing basketball. When you do that, it takes you from playing like a robot."

"It was when you get the ball, go score and make plays."

"We've been trying to wear Black all year."

"I like it. They say you look good and you play good."

"Today when we broke their press it wasn't to slow down, it was to attack and make plays."

"We're attacking and playing basketball."

Cat Barber

"I think my confidence keeps getting higher and higher. Coach keeps telling me to be Cat... do what I do best."

"Me and Trevor, we attacked well and were handling it. Louisville pressures like crazy... I thought we did a great job with it."

"It's big to get a win at Louisville. Not many teams come in here and win on their floor."

"Everybody did a good job of stepping up to get the win."

"We finished the game by attacking the basket... we didn't stop the whole game. We kept attacking, being the aggressor."

"We did a great job of being aggressive. If we do that, there's going to be pretty good nights where we keep winning."

"I think they stepped up. We had a talk about them getting more rebounds, but BeeJay and Lennard... Lennard stepped up huge. He's physical, he can get in there and bump with a lot of people. I think BeeJay did a great job. Malik, Kyle... all the bigs stepped up."

"We were dialed in at practice and focused on what coach was telling us to do."

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