February Is Busy Month For Newman

Graham (NC) quarterback Jamie Newman has spent much of the last month taking in junior days including NC State.

When the full story’s been written Jamie Newman may be able to look back to February, 2015 as an important time that helped him make his decision. He does not know where he wants to go to college yet but this month he has been learning a lot of the things he needs to know.

It has been a hands on learning style in February. The Graham quarterback (6-5, 220) was at NC State’s Junior Day recently and he did not slow down after that at all. Newman made a trip to Wake Forest the very next day for their Junior Day. Before those trips Newman was at Duke to spend a little time with their coaches and players to see how they prepare and keep themselves ready for the next season.

What impressed Newman the most about that trip to Duke was the intensity that filled the atmosphere. He believes that is a mentality that you can credit the coaching staff with developing and it trickled right down to every player he came across.

“The practice speed at Duke is off the charts. They’re all moving around fast. Nobody’s walking around. Everybody’s practicing like it’s a game. It was just a regular practice and their intensity was amazing. Coach Collins is recruiting my area and I really like him and Coach Cutcliffe and Coach Montgomery.”

NC State’s coaches made Newman feel like he was wanted. That stood out to him. It wasn’t just Henry Trevathan that had a few words with him although the Pack’s Director of High School Relations did have a hand in the visit. The offensive coordinator Matt Canada had a message for Newman and so did Dave Doeren. If bringing out the top brass was intended to make Newman feel wanted they succeeded.

“It was good to see more of the school. I’ve seen the football facility a lot but this time I got to see more of the school and I got to see a lot of how the players live up there. It was actually nice. It was a very good visit.”

Every time Newman talks to the coaches they give him a lot to think about whether it’s football or life beyond football. Getting to know the coaches and checking in on the living arrangements was a big part of the trip but there was time for football talk too. Newman was not the only player there but the coaches had a lot to say to him.

“I think the offense they run there is great. It’s a multiple offense and not just a traditional spread offense. They do things all over the place and they play at a good pace. I feel like it would be good for me. They made it clear that they are taking two quarterbacks in the class of 2016. Of course they had Dylan Parham as one but they made it clear that they want me down there too.”

It remains to be seen if Newman prefers to head a class all on his own as the only quarterback or if he might be okay as one of two quarterbacks that compete from their arrival. Newman is ranked higher than Parham and he has a bigger composition. The two players are comparable vertically but Newman is bigger around the waist and seems more muscular. NC State was the first ACC school to offer Parham and that grabbed his attention from the beginning. The race for Newman has been more open with a wider assortment of schools competing against one another.

Duke stands in contrast to NC State in not having a quarterback commitment from Newman’s class but he has not said that is something that matters much to him.

Newman did his best to make Graham competitive last year but even he was not enough to prevent several lopsided results. There were games when his talent took over and he willed Graham to the win. Games like that against Jordan-Matthews and especially Williams and Southern Alamance helped prove that Newman has the talent to make up for a lack of it at other places on the field.

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