Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Wolfpack's, 69-53, win over Virginia Tech at PNC Arena Saturday.

Mark Gottfried

Opening Statement:
Overall, it is a good win. We probably didn't play our best basketball for the whole 40 minutes. I thought we played pretty good in stretches, maybe not consistently enough throughout the game. I thought they played well. They made some tough shots at times, some contested threes with high arch, drained a few of them but I thought midway through the second half our defense picked up pretty well.

I thought BeeJay Anya gave us a good defensive presence inside. I thought hat really helped us. We never really let them get going from the three [point range] as much in the second half.

Overall, it ends up being a good win. This time of the year, you have got to get them. You have just got to get wins, so today was a good day.

On Ralston Turner, who has been injured and appeared tired lately:
You know Ralston, nothing major, but he has had some issues where he has had some swelling. Sometimes athletes go through that. So we have actually over the last couple of weeks had two breaks and I think the one player that has benefitted more than anyone has been him.

We have held him out of practice a lot, but at the same time players need to practice. I don't know how effective you can be when you never practice at all. So there is a fine line to try to get him in there and get him sweating and playing but at the same time take some days and get some rest.

We need him to play well. I though he made some big shots for us today.

On Cat Barber's injury during the game:
I think so [he is alright]. I think when he went out of the game, we actually had a good little stretch there where Trevor played the point so I felt like resting him a little bit more for the second half but I think he is okay. We will check him out tonight and tomorrow but he says he is fine. He is a tough guy.

On NC State's offensive execution:
Pretty good. We moved the ball pretty good. We wanted to go inside a bit more and I thought they did a pretty good job. They fronted the post and doubled down inside; they had a lot of traffic inside which kind of opened up the three for us. We ended up taking more threes that I thought we probably would, but we end up making 10 of them--which was good.

So we just kind of took what was there. I would have liked it to go inside a little bit more but I thought we moved the ball pretty well and helped each other get good shots. We stepped up in that stretch in the second half and Ralston, Trevor, Caleb and all those guys made some important threes in a good stretch for us.

On Kyle Washington [DNP-CD]:
I think right now we are going a little bit more with Lennard, Malik and BeeJay but we also played a team tonight that played four guards and defensively it was a hard matchup. Really, we went with the four guards in the second half and Bee Jay was a presence. BeeJay was blocking shots, altering shots and so it was more a matter of just nothing intended towards [Washington].

You have got to be ready to play. North Carolina is a much different game Tuesday night. They play two bigs all the time. We need to probably match up with that more, so sometimes the game just unfolds that way.

On Washington's psyche after not playing:
I worry about everybody's psyche. Kyle understands, I talked to him about it after the game. Sometimes it is just the way the game kind of happens. I wasn't going to put him in there with a couple of minutes to go. I told he and Cody[Martin, also a DNP-CD] both that. I wasn't going to do that.

They'll stay ready. They've got to say ready. Understand right now, different matchups, different game. We need all of them ready to be ready to play. Hopefully, he will be mentally fine.

On Desmond Lee, who has also not played as much, contributing in the second half:
He did [play well]. He is a senior. He wants to help. You feel for guys sometimes like that but I tell you want he has done; In practice, he's been really good. Every time we have went live--every time during our live drills--he is competing and doing a good job.

He is playing better and so there for a while we went with Caleb and Cody and Desmond was behind both of those guys, but I think he has earned the right. That is what I tell those guys everyday. Practice hard, compete hard, play well and play more. Usually if you do better you play more. That is simple but he has done a nice job. He did a good job tonight--defensively as well. I thought he did a good job.

On whether it was defense or Virginia Tech's offense holding Hokies to 53 points:
I thought defensively we were okay. We can be better. They're a tough team to play against with the way they spread the floor. They have got three-point shooters and sometimes as they beat us off the dribble with penetration, we'd leave the shooter to come help and they pitched it to a couple of guys.

So we just wanted to stay on the perimeter and make them make hard twos, make them make a tough two, especially with BeeJay at the basket. Funnel them to him, everybody match up with him on the three-point line and try not to let them get going on the three.

They are a dangerous team. They have played everybody pretty tough and they played us awfully tough as well.

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