AUDIO: Gottfried, Barber Discuss The UNC Game

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Mark Gottfried and Cat Barber met with the media to discuss tonight's game against North Carolina.

Mark Gottfried

"We're not going over there tomorrow until gametime."

"We felt like tonight just to get in the gym, is a little bit different for us."

"Marcus Paige has been unbelievable against us and I think the first thing we write on the board is Marcus Paige and how you're going to deal with that guy because he has played so exceptionally well against us."

"Obviously they are very good and very talented, but there is no doubt in our mind that everything starts with Marcus Paige."

"Our guys have fought hard every game. I don't know that we've had very many nights where we haven't played hard... and we did in that game."

"Roy has kind of called out the Carolina fans and he's going to have them loud, ready, and fired up. I wonder if that was just by chance he did that before our game. I don't... maybe he just did that."

"We're walking into the hornet's nest, and we know it. We need to be ready for it."

"It's interesting. I get more questions about the guys who don't play than the guys who do play. Lennard Freeman has played pretty well, Malik is coming on, and BeeJay was good the other night."

"We need all of our players, but we're going to play those guys that we feel like gives us the best chance to be the most efficient team that we can be."

"Lennard gives us great versatility defensively, he's a good rebounder."

"We need Kyle, but we need all our guys ready to play."

"It does help your psyche, there's no question about it. When you go on the road and beat a Top 10 team it gives your guys a feeling that can do it again."

"This is a new group of guys. We're very young still and some of them have been over there, and we'll have three freshmen who haven't been."

"I think when he's off the ball he looks to score more."

"He's the one guy on their team that has stepped up consistently and made three-point shots for them."

"You have to be aware of his ability to beat you from three."

"We feel pretty good about both of those guys being able to guard Marcus as well."

"I think Abu has got better. He's improved a lot, he's getting more confident and knows what he can and can't do right now offensively. I like his progress. This is a big challenge for him... he's a confident young guy."

"Play better. You have to play better. Tokoto did a nice job on him. I think one of the things with their team... he's kind of the unsung hero. He defends, he gets a lot of assists, he has great length... he's someone we have to know how to deal with because Trevor needs to have a good game."

"Isaiah beat us as much as anybody the last game. He may have had the game of his life. He played really well and we have to be aware of him when he comes in the game."

"Can't let a guy coming off the bench have a night like he did. That really hurt us."

"I don't know what magnanimous means. I'm from Alabama, what does that mean?"

"There's not a right answer for that. The fact that we don't go over there the day of the game and shoot... it just kind of worked out, we might as well go practice there instead of here."

"I think Cat's confidence has grown a great deal. He's worked really hard on his shooting."

"With Roy challenging their crowd, I'm sure he'll have them on the edge of their seat."

Cat Barber

"I would say off the ball. With my defensive ability I can guard people on the ball but when he comes off screens and people get him open he can make the open shot."

"I think that's what he's great at."

"We fought back and just couldn't get over the hump. At their place it's going to be loud, rah rah and all that, but we're not going to let it get to us. We're just going to come out and play the game."

"I'm just focused on winning the game and helping my teammates be the best they can be."

"I think it's about trying to go out there and win the game."

"He pulled me to the side and said that we need for you to be Cat, so something just clicked in my head. I just went out and was me."

"I worked on my shot a lot so when I get my open three I'm going to shoot it, but being aggressive, that's getting to the basket and making plays."

"We have a lot of quick guys on the perimeter."

"I think four-out with four guards has helped us."

"I just got in the gym and just worked on it. I got the muscle memory... every day I'd come in and just work on my shot."

"Once I got my confidence back I feel like every shot is going to go in."

"One of my close friends was killed. I didn't want to put my team in a bad situation."

"I'm not a person that dwells on stuff."

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