Doeren: "The Guys Worked Hard"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the first day of spring practice.

Dave Doeren

"We rotated today."

"Today was fun. It was great to be back on the field with the players, and be around them, see their progress."

"You watch the season, you bring the guys in, and you talk about different things you want them to work on physically. They have eight weeks to get those changes made."

"The guys worked hard. They had good purpose. The coaches had good energy. It was a fun practice to be a part of."

"It did. I think we had momentum finishing the year the way we did with the bowl win. It was a short break... the semester here starts so early and the guys are right back into it."

"Deonte Holden has gained 30 pounds. He was like 195 or something last year... he's up to 230. You can see a big difference in him."

"Kentavius has really done a nice job. He's put on some good weight. B.J. Hill, the same thing on defense."

"Tyler Jones has done a nice job with his body, transitioning some weight."

"Benson Browne has had a really nice offseason. You can see his body has changed."

"Joe Thuney and Quinton Schooley look really, really good for them."

"We talked to [Street] about learning both positions. We do have three guys we will have back in the season who are out this spring at defensive tackle so it's an opportunity for him to get more reps. Playing some of these spread teams, we can get him inside and have some pass-rushing opportunities against guards and centers."

"The biggest spots you worry about are offensive tackle, defensive tackle, and wide receiver. Everything starts on the line of scrimmage for us. Will Richardson will be back in a couple of days so we'll have him and Tyler and Alex Barr and our signees."

"He and coach Canada and coach Uremovich have worked together before so the offensive system wasn't hard for [McDonald] to pick up. He's a really good teacher. It was fun watching him bounce around."

"He's very athletic. He has a 6'9 wingspan so even though he's not tall he has really long arms and quick feet. He's a very athletic guy. He bends well. The bowl practices were big for him. You can see he's really done a nice job in the offseason working on the things he needs to work on."

"When you go from the way you were to where we ended up, they understand the value of practice... they understand what's needed now to be competitive in the games for four quarters. They are holding each other accountable... a lot of positive reinforcement from player-to-player. It was fun to watch that."

"Just to improve on the things... [Brissett] is a good scrambler... the deep-ball consistency... building on that."

"Those big chunks will come if he's more accurate down the field."

"Not at all. We're excited about Shad's senior year and looking forward to what he does this offseason."

"I have to look at the tape, but I tried to grab all those guys in pre-practice and congratulate them on their first day of college football."

"I think it's big for everybody. For him he played a lot and has a chance to have a bigger role in the offense. Last year he was trying to figure out which way was right and left."

"We lost some good players. The way you make up for your losses is to recruit the right guys but the players you have back need to be better than they were the year before. He's one of those guys."

"Rob has a chance with his Pro Day coming up... he definitely improved his stock."

"We'll be okay. David Grinnage will be out a little bit with the sore back but David will be a big target for us. Johnathan Alston, Bra'lon Cherry, and JuMichael Ramos all had good first days. They are experienced guys who need to play better and will."

"Steph Louis kind of got lost last year as the year went on because of some injuries, but I think he's a very talented guy who can have a big second year."

"Jerod, Airius, and Artemis are battling at MIKE and Bradley Chubb, Ernie Robinson, and Riley Nicholson were the three guys working at WILL today."

"They are being cautious with [Salahuddin]."

"His injury was in the spring, he's really 11 months out. [Linton] is up to 260 pounds, and he was running around. He made a couple of nice plays."

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