Turner: "It's Very Important"

CLEMSON, S.C. -- NC State senior wing Ralston Turner met with the media after the win over Clemson.

Ralston Turner

"Coach mentioned at halftime that we had a good first half defensively. He said to keep defending and the offense will come. That's a testament to that statement."

"I don't think I'll ever figure us out or anybody else will either."

"It's not okay, but it is what it is. We still have another game to play so we'll see if we learned anything."

"It's very important. Sometimes out-of-bounds plays... if we can execute them right and get a few baskets they can prove to be wealthy for you in the game. We were able to get a few tonight, and we're fortunate for that."

"The thing that stood out was our defense. We guarded them really well and they didn't have a basket for a while. That allowed us to continue to make plays."

"I understand that I don't get these opportunities back."

"Make sure you're giving everything you've got."

"I remember when I first got at State. It's come fast. It will be an exciting time and my family will be there. The main thing in my mind is I want to get the win. That's what I'm focused on right now."

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