AUDIO + QUOTES: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following this morning's practice.

Dave Doeren

Thoughts on the defensive line:
This spring there's going to be a bunch of guys who get the benefit of, I guess, the injuries and the graduation. It's going to look a lot different in the fall.

We'll get Justin [Jones] back and Monty [Nelson] back. We'll have Garrett Bradbury at full speed... and Mike Rose. Those four guys are going through non-contact stuff.

Right now Kentavius is getting a lot of work. B.J. obviously, Kenton Gibbs, Coult Culler, those guys are going to get a lot of reps. Middleton will get a lot of reps inside.

At the ends Pharoah [McKever] and Deonte [Holden] are getting a lot of work right now.

It's good for those guys. They are going to get a lot better and all of a sudden we'll have the kids we signed plus the injured kids back. We'll be okay. We're kind of like we were in the secondary a year ago but now on the d-line. We're just young and it will take a little time.

You mention Holden. He put on some weight but he still looks skinny.
He does. He's 6-5, 230 pounds, and he's wired quick.

It's going to take time. He's a high-motor guy, just really quick-twitched. It's going to take him time, but in a couple of years he's going to be what you want.

Right now he has to play because of the injury situation.

You have converted a couple of linebackers to the defensive line...
I just think in the state we're in, there's a lot of three-sport athletes in North Carolina. Kids get here and get a lot bigger.

There's nothing wrong with corners becoming safeties and safeties becoming linebackers... that's what has happened here with our strength program. Some of these kids have come in that weren't very well-developed in the weight room because they went from sport-to-sport in high school.

Thoughts on strength and conditioning staff...
That whole staff. Jason obviously leads it and he and Dantonio put it all together. We hired three new assistants in the offseason because we had some guys get opportunities at other schools. They've jumped right in and added some new ideas.

Thomas Stallworth joined us from Mississippi Sate. He's been a great addition. Quinn Barham we hired. He played at Penn State and was actually at UNC last year... he's a Hillside product. Those guys work really well together.

Veltkamp inherited a tough situation. You know what the weather is like around here. When I first got here we had three grass fields, no turf, no indoor facility, no where to train. It's hard. There wasn't a place to go on a wet day to get the guys better. It's got better each year thanks to the facility improvements, and it's about to get a lot better.

What do you expect to see from Ty Linton... he's coming off an injury.
I want to see him have fun playing the game. It will come. He's playing a new position and in high school all they did was blitz him so he's kind of used to rushing the passer and chasing the ball.

I know for him it's the mental hurdle of playing again. You tear your ACL and you're physically healthy before you're mentally healthy. He has to get through the full padded days before we see him normal again.

Bradley Chubb came in as a defensive end and moved to linebacker. What did you see?
When he got here last summer coach Hux watched him train and thought he was quick-twitch enough to play linebacker. We had a big need at the time depth-wise.

He's a natural knee-bender, and he has good vision and instincts. He uses his hands well and he's versatile because in high school he did play d-end and rushed.

[Huxtable] likes what he brings at that position for us. So far you can't get too excited until we put pads on, but he's shown some good things out there.

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