Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Trevor Lacey and Ralston Turner met with the media after the win over Syracuse.

Trevor Lacey

"At halftime coach emphasized to really push tempo. We kind of got stagnant against the zone."

"In the second half we tried to come out and beat the defense before they got set up."

"He leaves us most of the time, but that's what we need Cat to do. He needs to push it so he can create some advantages for us. He's picking up on that and we're a real good team when he does that."

"When I try to I know I'm not going to be able to the next three possessions."

"The way their zone is set up they give you that middle area. When we got it to those guys they made the right play."

"Other than that, we had an all-around good game."

"Coach can't be out there with us the whole game... I know how to talk to them a little different than coach."

"I'm definitely excited. This conference is the best, and you face the best guys every night."

Ralston Turner

"I don't want to take anything away from the previous two teams, but this group.. the last two years I've been here is we've had superstars. The main thing this year we didn't have a superstar so we knew early on the closer we were the better chance we'd have."

"Each year is a new year. That's with anybody, so coach does a good job of molding us together."

"We've seen a lot of each other, so it's not like it's new to us."

"He kind of gives me a nudge and I know what that nudge means."

"He was just... very mild, kind of like he always is. The difference is, he said let me help ya'll out. You need to pick up the tempo more... so we can stop having shots late in the second half."

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