AUDIO: Pack Trio Talks Tourney

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Trevor Lacey, Cat Barber, and BeeJay Anya discuss the ACC Tournament with the media.

Cat Barber

"He just told me to remained focused and I'll get back in the lineup. When I did I came back strong."

"Every game is tough so we're going in to try and win the ACC Tournament. Pitt is going to be hard, but we just have a mindset that we're going to go in there and come out with the win."

"Last year we wanted to go in there and win it, just like this year."

"BeeJay, when he's in the paint and blocking shots it gives a chance to run out and get early offense."

"My ability to score and create for others has been good... when me and BeeJay are playing good it's hard to beat us."

"I've improved it a lot. When I see my shot I take it, but when I don't I try to find the open guy."

"We have a lot of guys that want to get stops. Defense is easy for us to get our offense going."

"Once our defense gets going it's pretty hard to beat us."

Trevor Lacey

"It's very exciting. We know what we have to do."

"If we continue to win we can put ourselves in a better situation."

"We have a lot of confidence. All the top seeded guys we've either beat them or been right there."

"It's about coming out and executing our gameplan."

"Everybody... that was their first ACC game. We can't come out and think Pitt is the same way. They are a better team."

"We're more consistent... that's what it is all about. We've been playing halves or in spurts but now we're playing 40 minutes."

"Every team has a chance. You can't look over anybody."

"We need to be ourselves."

"We can't come out and start slow... if we lose that's pretty much it."

"When he's pushing the ball and playing the way he is you have to guard everybody on the floor."

"It makes everybody else's job easier."

"Ball pressure... in the last game we picked up the guard's fullcourt."

"With BeeJay back there you have a little more room for error to get beat because there's a chance he can block it."

BeeJay Anya

"March Madness is probably one of the most viewed sports experiences in the country."

"It should be fun for us."

"We can make a run."

"There is room for improvement."

"We're trying to build on that."

"Cat's ball-pressure is probably the best in the conference... he's so fast and quick. He can pressure you the entire game."

"The better Cat plays the better we play."

"That's when I try to come in and get my blocks. I love when Cat is pressuring the ball."

"We can put pressure on their guards and try to speed them up."

"It was a great honor... we're not done yet. We're trying to get a ring come Saturday. That's the main goal. That's the one award I want."

"He told me yesterday at our banquet to not be satisfied with this. There's so much more."

"I'm trying to come back next year even stronger than I was this year."

"He's facing up more and using his quickness a lot more. I've played with Mike [Young] since we were in high school... it should be a good matchup."

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