Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State's Trevor Lacey, BeeJay Anya, and Abdul-Malik Abu discuss the loss to Duke.

Abdul-Malik Abu

"I look at our team and we see that we're a group of guys."

"Cat is our leader, our point guard, but there's somebody else ready to help carry the weight. That's all we can ask for."

"I take full responsibility for that one. I had just scored and Amile stayed. You expect your defender to run with your or try to get a transition bucket... but he stayed around. By the time I turned around Cat ran into it."

"It's a learning experience for a freshman... always protect your point guard."

"It puts it in perspective. Come with it everyday."

"You move on by making adjustments and trying to find the right way to play every game."

BeeJay Anya

"We have to prepare to play basketball with or without him."

"We didn't come out with the same energy that we did yesterday."

"We have to come out stronger."

"I feel as if we deserve to get in the tournament, but it's up to them."

Trevor Lacey

"Hopefully... we get the call Sunday."

"I don't know. I'm not the committee, and I don't know how they decide which teams get in. All I can do is watch like everyone else."

"It's real frustrating. You put countless hours in the gym working on your game, preparing for this game."

"You have to give them credit. They played probably one of their best games. It went well for them and we didn't match their intensity from the jump."

"We tried to do what we wanted to do, it's just they had a great game."

"I wouldn't say it was the zone or anything. When we gave the ball up they denied us... made other people made plays. We have to be prepared for that in the future."

"We don't know anything. Hopefully he's well for if we play in the postseason."

"I didn't see it. I know the coaches were frustrated that we should have echoed the call that the screen was coming."

"You have to stay positive. We can't get down on ourselves."

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