PC: Turner and Lacey Meet The Media

PITTSBURGH, PA -- NC State's Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey met with the media to discuss tomorrow's game against LSU.

Ralston Turner and Trevor Lacey

You know these questions are coming, so I'll break the seal. You're playing against a program that you started your career with. You didn't play with any of these guys, but what emotions did it stir up with you when you saw the pairing right away?
A few emotions came up. Obviously, like you said, spent my first two years there. So that was the place I started. It will be a place I never forget. So I can't lie to you, like no emotions popped up.

You all going against a team that hasn't been in the NCAA tournament in a few years, what is it like having that experience? This team has been for the past three seasons, how much will that help you all, having that experience over LSU?
We can't expect them not to bring their best since they haven't been. It's an exciting moment for our team to make it. We just have to come out, execute our game plan and we can't worry about them not making it and their experience being here. We just have to come out, play our game.

Just talk about the general excitement. This is what you play for to get to the tournament. How excited are you to get it under way?
It's definitely exciting. You work your tail off all year to try to have a position to be in the tournament. It's just a testament to hard work. Obviously, now that we're here, we'd like to try to play well. It's definitely an exciting feeling.

TREVOR LACEY: Like Ralston said, that's what you're playing for. Now that you're here, it's a new season and now you're working to make a run and hopefully be a champion.

Trevor or Ralston, how has Cat's development made you guys more dangerous and what have you really seen in the last two months that enabled him. I saw the game against Pitt, what has his development meant for you guys?
It means a lot to us. When he's playing that way, it makes everybody's job easier. When he's attacking and making shots, teams have to guard him. Early in the year, teams was forcing to make jump shots and he sometimes dribbled himself into trouble, his speed. Now that he's learned when to take advantage of his speed and get others involved and, I mean, his defense has always been there. When he sets the tone for us defensively, it takes us to another level.

RALSTON TURNER: I think a lot what you're saying here lately is Cat Barber's confidence has grown. Down the stretch, we all know he's been capable of that. Here lately, he's really taken his game to another level. When he plays like that, it makes it easy on the rest of us.

Ralston, going back, Johnny said the other day that they tried to get you to stay. He tried to re-recruit you, even did individual workouts with you. Kind of a two-part question. How much did you consider staying, and as you watched Andre and Johnny O'Bryant go through the last couple years, did you ever look back and wonder how you could have fit in?
The answer to your first question is it was very, very tough to make that decision. Obviously, Johnny Jones, when he came in, he had a conversation with me. I thought he was a real good guy. I actually liked him. But when it all came down to it, it was probably one of the toughest decisions I ever made. I don't regret it. In answer to your second question, over the years, watching Johnny, Andre, seeing guys go, Hickey, Jalyn, those are like my brothers. So at the end of the day, they had to do what's best for them. But we're all still remaining brothers.

Everybody's talking about Ralston's background with LSU. You played at Alabama. Talk about what you know about the Tigers.
I don't know anybody on that team either. I think it was his first year there, my sophomore year. So we played them. We split. None of the guys was there, so I can't say anything about those guys or their style of play. Coming from that league, it's a physical league and, you know, I know that their big guys are their two best players and that's all I can say about them.

For both of you guys, you mentioned the two big guys, but their guards have played real well defensively. Quarterman, I don't know who he'll match up with. When you look at them, what about the guard's defense especially get your attention?
That's fine. We haven't really saw much of them as far as how they play defensively. We've just been focused on how we're going to guard them. And we have a game plan. We're going to try to come out, execute it. Regardless of how team guards us, we're going to try to come out and play our style of play and just do what we've been doing all year. We'll make adjustments if they come out in some funky defense that we haven't seen before.

RALSTON TURNER: I know they've got some size and also I know here down the stretch, they've started to play well. So it will be a great challenge for us and we're going to have to be ready to play.

You said LSU's been playing well down the stretch, but you all have won. After you all had that five losses in six games, you won six of your last eight. What's been the difference for you all to end the regular season entering the tournament, Ralston?
I think one of the things that we talked about earlier is Cat Barber. Cat Barber has really risen his game down the stretch. Also, we've gotten more out of everybody. It was more of a collective effort. I can't really put my finger on one particular thing that made it happen, but it's been a collective effort.

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