Doeren: A Spirited Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following this afternoon's spring scrimmage.

Dave Doeren

Opening Statement:
For the first day they were very spirited. I thought we got a lot done.

I told the team at the end, it was fun to see the progress of guys that are one-year starters that a year ago were going through their first attempt to win a job.

Guys like Dray [Wright] and Josh Jones really flashed today. A year ago they were, 'What's going on out here.' Tony Adams, he didn't know where his left from his right was last year and now he's not even thinking, he's just playing.

As a coach you have to be patient with guys who are going through their first steps of it.

Shad had some great runs, so did Matt Dayes. I thought Reggie Gallaspy had a nice day for his first day of contact.

It's going to be good film to watch, really good film to watch. It's the first scrimmage of many so hopefully we'll have a lot of growth from now to the end.

Were you able to evaluate your kicking game?
It was the first day those guys had a rush and had pressure on them. The first thing we did was a crowd noise... Kyle did a nice job. He was 4-of-5 and his last one hit the upright. His second one, I don't know what his kicks would have been like because all three of them got blocked.

Jackson [Maples] struggled in the first one and then the second time through he did a nice job.

It's going to take time... the competition. They both have good skillsets. We had a kickoff drill the other day and both kids were putting it in the back of the endzone so I was excited about that part of what they were doing.

They both are going through their first time trying to win a job.

Darian Roseboro got a Ballhawk award on Thursday. How good is it to see those flashes from him this early?
Anytime a kid has a takeaway on defense they get that award and he had a fumble recovery that day.

Darian is getting a ton of reps and you see flashes of why he was ranked so high. He's a really talented young man. He's going through a little bit of this stage I was talking about where he's thinking a lot and you see a little bit of paralysis.

When he's not thinking the kid is quick-twitch, physical and strong. He's fun to watch.

What have you seen from the competition at linebacker?
Jerod and Airius are competing really hard right now.

It's been fun to see James Smith-Williams and Riley get out there.

Bradley Chubb had a better day. He really struggled the last couple of practices and today he really showed up.

We have better depth and competition going at those spots. It's going to help the whole group.

Ford Howell is a new guy I'm really excited about, what he brings.

Have you seen advancements from Jalan McClendon?
Yes, just the fact that he's thrown it away in the red zone down there instead of taking a sack shows a lot of progress.

His arm strength is crazy. It's just reps now for him. We have to get him soaked... we have to get him so much reps.

Any receivers stepped up?
Ramos has been very consistent for five days and Cherry has as well. Alston has made some plays.

David Grinnage being out has kind of hurt us a little bit, and Jaylen Samuels has been consistent as well.

How much does it help the receivers to have Jacoby to bring them along?
They know each other well and have played together. Even though Jacoby is a one-year starter he was here the whole year before so he knows those guys.

They have a good chemistry.

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