PC: Pack Trio Talks Villanova

PITTSBURGH, PA -- NC State's BeeJay Anya, Ralston Turner, and Trevor Lacey met with the media to discuss Villanova.

For all three of you guys, talk about the late night last night with the exciting win. How do you put that behind you and move forward to Villanova?
I think last night, especially when we left, it was really late. But especially coming off an emotional win, adrenaline was high last night. But at the same time we have a really quick turnaround right here, so I think we enjoyed last night, but now we're moving forward.

TREVOR LACEY: Like he said, we've been in this situation before, coming off an emotional win and having to come back and play a tough, tough opponent. The first time we went through this situation, we didn't do so well. Later in the year, we stepped up and we responded well from off an emotional win. So we're going to look forward to Villanova and not let last night's win affect the game tomorrow.

BEEJAY ANYA: Yeah, what they said pretty much.

Trevor, you all have had an up and down season, the best way you can put it. I mean, you beat Duke and you struggled against BC and you beat North Carolina and struggled against Georgia Tech. What is the key for y'all when you play well? What are the things that have to go right for y'all?
Just how we approach the game. We have to approach every game like it's a Duke or a Carolina, like that. We can't come out and let a team's record affect the way we play and stuff like that. Villanova is a good team. We're not expecting to come out and underestimate Villanova's talent. LSU, we didn't underestimate them, but they hit us in the mouth early. We responded well late. We can't get down like that against Villanova and expect to have a tremendous comeback like we did last night.

Ralston, people are talking about the shooting range of both of these teams. Could you just talk about how you develop your shooting range and how far out do you feel comfortable?
I don't know. I guess it was God's plan for me to be a shooter, so I guess that's where the range came from. It's not something that I particularly just started working on one day. I just feel like as long as I'm able to have my normal follow-through and my normal form, then the range doesn't really matter.

I see you guys laughing up there. Is his range kind of amazing to y'all? Does he see a shot he doesn't really like?
No. Ralston, no. If he can get set and he can see the rim, it's a good shot for Ralston, especially when he's hot. I don't complain about it because he makes them 99 percent of the time, so I'm not worried about it. So he does have a pretty good range and he's one of the best shooters in the country for that reason.

You're playing a team here that's a No. 1 seed, lost only twice during the regular season, yet you guys in the ACC play teams like that all the time. Can you just talk about how playing in that league prepares you for a game like this?
Well, I think especially playing in our league, we see teams like that, different times. So the good thing about it is it's not our first time going against a tough opponent. So I think if we approach the game the way that we've approached tough games in the past, and also play hard, then we'll be able to -- excuse me. We'll be able to be okay with where the chips fall.

Trevor, you're one of the rare guys who had a chance to play against a lot of these Villanova players up in The Garden when Alabama played Villanova. Just give me some reminders of that game, because I remember that game well.
I want to say this team -- won't say this team is the same team from The Garden. I think the point guard was a freshman that year. It was early in the season so he was just getting used to the college atmosphere.

The way he's playing now and setting everybody up and just understanding the game better now. He's the head of the snake and he's just playing so much better than the last time I played against him. So he's playing well, getting everybody involved, hard to stop a team like that.

Beejay, Jay Wright was here talking about how you and the other NC State big guys kind of turned that game around in the second half against LSU. What was the difference and how important is it for the front line for State to really exert itself again here against Villanova?
All week we've been hearing about LSU's bigs and how good they are, so we took that as a challenge. In the first half, I feel like we didn't respond to that challenge well enough, and that's why we got down so big. But in the second half, we came on strong and were more prepared in the second half.

So I think that helped us propel the run we made. And our guards started catching fire towards the end of the game, which gave us more confidence as well.

So tomorrow, we're going to try and come out strong from the beginning and do what we can. They're a very good team and their bigs are good as well. People talk about their guards a lot, but they've got very solid bigs as well. So we see that as a challenge tomorrow and come out ready to play.

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