AUDIO: Pack Players

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Several NC State players met with the media to discuss the game against Villanova.

Desmond Lee

"I was very happy to be out there and actually be a key contributor. It just felt good to be out there and put some stops together so we could stay in the game." "We are very close. It is like brothers, brothers from other mothers. Everybody has got each other’s back."

Cat Barber

"They have got a lot of guard play and they shoot the ball well. I think our guards can match up with their guards."

"You get excited playing other good guards. I bet they are excited to play. We don’t do a lot of talking, we just go out there and play."

"My speed...when I am on the court I just believe I am the fastest guy out there and I use it to my advantage."

Abdul-Malik Abu

"I had like 70 text messages when I got [back to hotel after LSU win], notifications on Twitter and stuff like that. It was a real happy time. Everyone was just happy with a good win. It is always something you are going to remember for the rest of your life." "It is good for this program. It is the right step forward."

"All credit to the coaching staff and the big men that were here before me. Kyle, BeeJay and Lennard. I am just trying to follow in their footsteps."

"They’re a good team. They play a lot of guards and try to spread you out. I don’t know if we are going to go small. If I did know, I probably shouldn’t tell you guys anyway (laughing)."

Lennard Freeman

"I know all of them...I am familiar with all of them. [Villanova was] one of my final two schools, so I visited with them and spent the week with them. I kind of know all the guys."

"It is definitely weird. When we were walking out the tunnel, I shook about 12 [sets of hands] while they were walking past me. It is weird because when they are recruiting you they are on your side but now you are going against them."

"You hate losing no matter who you are playing. If I was playing against my mom I would hate losing."

"[On whether Villanova’s smaller lineup will present problems for the NC State frontcourt] I don’t think so. Other than the Duke game, when Justise Winslow--he kind of went off against me--but other than that I can go out...guard on the perimeter."

"We have to stay in front of our man. It’s basically all guards on the floor so the defense has to get it done."

Kyle Washington

"It’ll definitely test you. Coming in [Saturday] we will be ready [for the game]. I am just focused and we are all ready to go because we have played teams like Duke, UNC; It goes up and down the board. Louisville--all those teams in the ACC have prepared us for this moment."

"The non-conference schedule, the coaching staff does a great job of scheduling all of those teams--even the small [Southern Conference] teams, like Wofford for example. Those teams always make it to the tournament and it prepares us for March."

"Whatever [his role] is, I’ll just take it. I ‘ll be focused and ready to go so we can win."

"[The frontcourt] just has to be ready and play hard and with intensity. When we play hard and with intensity, good things always happen. The four of us just have to band together and say ‘let’s make a concerted effort and do our job.’"

"We came together. I was proud of teammates like BeeJay Anya. He didn’t say it directly to me but he was like ‘people need to pick up their play’ and I felt like I can in the game and I didn’t help in the first half so I just wanted to help."

"Everybody really picked it up. Dez Lee came in the game and made a significant impact. Trevor started doing his thing. Abu played the whole game well. Lennard played the well and BeeJay stepped up and made a few great plays down the stretch to give us the win."

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