AUDIO: Doeren Ready For Saturday

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following this morning's practice.

Dave Doeren

You mentioned seeing the Carolina fan in the cleaners. This offseason, have you had more fan interaction... seems like maybe people will be more excited.
"We've had a lot of people thank us for that win and others... the finish we had to the season.

The fan interaction is really about to pick up. That's what we do in May... we go to all the cities and talk to all the fans. What I've been able to do, I've done. When I go to basketball and baseball games I talk to people.

The caravans are the second week in May I think. We go out to all those different places, and that's when it will pick up.

What are you trying to accomplish with the spring game?
It does. Some of the targets and throws that we'd like to have we aren't even trying right now.

We want to get a bunch of guys that haven't played in the stadium, around people, in that environment. We want to finish as healthy as we can be.

I want to see the guys be crisp, be clean, not have a lot of penalties... tackle well.

I'd like to see some guys finish plays. There's some young players that I'm excited to watch. I'd like to see what they can be like in the fall.

How would you describe where Jacoby is now?
Not thinking nearly as much. Last year he pressed at times in the spring, felt like he had to do everything on his own. As the year went on, he got more comfortable being the manager of the game... understanding that he doesn't have to win every game with every play.

You see that now... if a play doesn't look good he'll get out of it, go to the next play. He's more seasoned.

What does he have to work on from Monday to August 4th or whenever you get back for preseason?
In the summer he doesn't have the academic load so he can spend more time with his teammates.

He did a nice job with the o-line and receivers last summer, building chemistry. They had barbecue's together, hanging out.

That's what the summer really is. Obviously you condition and you run, but you work on the relationship part of being an offensive unit.

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