PC: Lacey, Abu Meet The Media

PITTSBURGH, PA -- NC State's Abdul-Malik Abu and Trevor Lacey discuss the win over Villanova.

For Abdul-Malik, Coach Wright was in here earlier talking about how it seems like NC State's young forwards are gaining confidence. Do you feel like you've gained some confidence over the last couple nights?
Definitely have. It's a mindset to go in there. Coach always inspires us to be the best we can be and be the best when your best is needed. I just try to go out there and play the best I can every night and every time I play.

Abdul-Malik, what was it like going up against Ochefu? He has size, height on you. How did you manage to pull 12 boards, 13 rebounds and dominate him?
My parents told me to go out there and work hard. I pride my game off of just working hard. He's a great player, great talent. I wanted to try to match his energy and take it to another level.

Trevor, you guys were seconds away from not even being in this round. How does it feel to be advancing to the Sweet 16?
Feels great. First for this team, everybody on this team, to make it to the next round. Can't get too excited. We have to get refocused on whoever we play Friday and try to keep going.

Trevor, what kind of boost of confidence was it for y'all going in at halftime when you hit that 3-pointer there at the buzzer?
It was a big boost, but I think we had more confidence that the game wasn't out of hand. And if we didn't make a few mistakes, we felt like we could have extended the lead a little more. Gave us confidence as far as we knew we could compete with these guys and that's about it. We just knew that in the second half, we had just matched their intensity. We knew they were going to come out, try to make a run and match their intensity and stay solid on the defensive end.

For Trevor, did you guys get nervous at all at the end when they were starting to sort of make some of those long range shots and pulled within a couple points?
It seems like that always happens with us going down the stretch in late games. We've been in that situation for -- I threw the ball away before like that too against Notre Dame. But we've been there before. Coach made sure nobody panicked and let the play go. When Hilliard came down next possession, we just made sure we didn't give him a clean look.

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