Notebook: NC State Pro Day

RALEIGH, N.C. -- It was NFL Pro Day at NC State and several Wolfpack players completed drills in front of dozens of NFL scouts.

Other athletes from surrounding smaller colleges were also on hand in hopes of being taken in the 2015 NFL Draft, but the majority of the players working out were NC State seniors.

The players began workouts in the Murphy Center and after taking measurements they did all of the testing in the facility. Then they headed out to Carter-Finley Stadium around 12:00 pm to do the position workouts in front of the NFL scouts.

Participants included: tailback Tony Creecy, linebacker Brandon Pittman, defensive tackle Thomas Teal, defensive end Art Norman, defensive tackle T.Y. McGill, safety Rodman Noel, safety Jarvis Byrd, tackle Rob Crisp, tackle Tyson Chandler, snapper Scott Thompson, kicker Niklas Sade, punter Wil Baumann, and wideout Bryan Underwood.

Noel, who spent most of his career at NC State playing linebacker, worked out at safety, a position he started out at for the Wolfpack.

Chandler Under The Radar
A three-year starter at NC State, right tackle Tyson Chandler was looking to prove he had what it takes to make it on the next level. Priority No. 1 was to get in better shape, and it sounds like early feedback has been good for Chandler.

"I was in the 350 range really after the bowl game, which is kind of ridiculous," he said. "I came in today at 331... I feel good at this weight.

"The feedback has been pretty good. They wanted to see me run and just make sure I can move because they sometimes didn't think I could move well. I know I can move well, and I just had to show them that."

Chandler says he is being looked at mainly as a right tackle but also believes he could slide in and play guard if needed.

"I've seen that they think I can only play tackle, but I can absolutely play guard," he stated. "When I first got here I played guard... I just went to a school that only needed a tackle."

He has had discussions with the Colts and was meeting with the Raiders after his pro day workout. Helping him with the process is agent Gary Shipman of Atlantic Sports Management.

"I've been talking with him for a while," said Chandler. "We kept in contact and built a relationship, and I felt the most comfortable with him. He also represented Quintin Payton and Darryl Cato-Bishop, and I got great feedback from them. I went with the guy I felt the most comfortable with and had the most experience in the field."

For Chandler, his workout in Carter-Finley Stadium capped a great college experience at NC State.

"I wouldn't trade my experiences at State for the world," he said. "I loved every moment here. The fans... playing my last game was unreal.

"It's a blessing to say I played with guys like Russell Wilson, Mike Glennon, and T.J. Graham. Just to say I was in their presence and see their work ethic... it's helped me out."

Teal Is Versatile
One of the major goals for Thomas Teal leading up to the NFL draft was to get in better shape. He played the majority of his career at NC State over 300 pounds but checked in today at 292 pounds. He looked really good during individual drills.

"I wanted to get in shape," he said. "I wanted to drop some fat and add some muscle. I've been training in Florida and that was my biggest focus."

What has the early feedback been like for Teal?

"A lot of teams like what they see on tape," he said. "They like how I move, and I have a lot of interest. Right now I'm trying to get in top shape, but I don't know what's going to happen."

Because he has played all four positions on NC State's defensive line, Teal provides versatility at the defensive tackle position, and he believes that's one of his biggest strengths.

"I've been labeled a versatile guy and that really helps my situation," he said.

A quiet guy, Teal went with a simple approach for choosing his representation.

"I just sat down and had a conversation with him like I'm having with you," said Teal, smiling. "Whichever I had the best vibe from, that's who I went with. My agent is Craig Domann... he's from Colorado. His firm is 360 Sports."

Some notable clients of 360 Sports include: Rob Ninkovich (Patriots), Domata Peko (Bengals), and Matt Slauson (Bears).

Teal, who grew up in South Carolina, will stay in Raleigh as the draft approaches.

"I think I'm going to stay in Raleigh and continue to grind," he said. "Wherever I fall at, I'll be ready to work."

Parting Shots
There were no specific numbers to report because the times were recorded by individual teams and not released to the media. The measurements were conducted inside of the Murphy Center, which was closed to the media.

  • Several former Wolfpackers also participated in the Pro Day, including: defensive tackle Deylan Buntyn, linebacker Robert Caldwell, fullback Logan Winkles, and tackle Denzell Goode, who finished his college career at Mars Hill.

    Former Wolfpack standout Tobais Palmer watched the event but didn't participate.

  • A group of current Wolfpack players were watching the workouts, including: Juston Burris, Hakim Jones, Maurice Morgan, David Grinnage, M.J. Salahuddin, and Dravious Wright among others.

  • Several of NC State's coaches were also in attendance, including: Dave Doeren, Ryan Nielsen, George Barlow, Des Kitchings, Jason Veltkamp, and Dave Huxtable among others.

  • Safety Jarvis Byrd, who spent six seasons at NC State due to multiple knee injuries, is working out without representation. He has yet to sign with an agent.

    He has been training for three months with Dantonio Burnette.

    "I wasn't nervous at all," said Byrd about Pro Day. "This is what I do on the field, I can perform on the field... that's the easy part."

  • Kicker Niklas Sade has already worked out with the San Diego Chargers and the Raleigh (NC) native has been training at NC State.

  • Punter Wil Baumann is represented by Glenn Schwartzman and Alliance Sports Management, based out of Boca Raton, Florida, who also represents former Wolfpack basketball player Brandon Costner.

    Baumann added that he is on track to graduate in May and is working out in Raleigh.

  • Tackle Rob Crisp declined to do interviews with the media, as he had interviews already scheduled with teams following Pro Day.

  • Former Wolfpackers David Merritt (Giants) and Harrison Ritcher (Browns) were on-hand representing their teams.

  • The list of NFL teams represented included: Chiefs, Steelers, Chargers, Jets, Patriots, Cowboys, Saints, Browns, Giants, Bears, Bucs, Bengals, Titans, Cardinals, Falcons, Jaguars, and Redskins among others.

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