AUDIO + QUOTES: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following this morning's practice.

Dave Doeren

How excited are you for the basketball team?
I'm very excited.

It's pretty cool to have three teams in an area this small all in the Sweet Sixteen. It's been good for, not just the Triangle, but the ACC to have the showing they did.

I'm really excited for NC State's basketball team. Hopefully they can build off the win.

Any special plans for the game?
I haven't thought about it yet. We have a scrimmage Saturday so I'll probably be around here somewhere.

How have the practices gone since spring break?
Thursday and Saturday we had really good days.

I thought the defense had a really good practice. We're down numbers-wise at some positions on offense and that's affecting them a little bit.

Jacoby was sharp today. I thought the running backs had a good practice. It was good to get David Grinnage back out there and see him in skelly.

Now we just need to have some consistent showings by these guys so they can get some chemistry going again.

You get to the Sweet 16 in basketball and you have a national champion in wrestling, what does that say about what NC State is doing athletically?
Debbie has done a great job of putting people in place and giving them resources... allowing them to recruit and develop their programs the way they need to. You can see in multiple sports, people climbing the ladder in the conference and the success that all those teams are having helps our program universally.

It's fun to see the success, from fall-to-spring.

You certainly would feel the benefit of that in football.

Anytime you have programs that are winning it gives the entire university a positive image, positive new stories, different things on social media. It's exciting.

You feel a lot of pride in it. You win a game, you see Gwiz get the national championship, and you see what's going on in some of the other sports.

All of us pull for each other all the time.

Have there been any pleasant surprises?
Not really. I've kind of seen what I thought I would see.

Reggie Gallaspy had a pretty good day today, but this time of the year you have to remind yourself that some of these guys are supposed to be in high school still. It's hard to get down on some of them.

The receiving corps has taken a lot of reps right now so their fatigue is a little bit visible. We have to try and get their legs back to help the offensive system.

Anything you want to see from the first scrimmage to the second scrimmage?
It's hard because the defense did a good job and only gave up two big plays... you don't want to see them give up more. But, at the same time your offense needs to have more explosions and more touchdowns.

I think the more... you want to see competitive play. If there's a turnover it's because there's a great play on defense, not a sloppy play on offense.

You want to see the guys compete. I thought we tackled fairly well. Offensively you'd like to see us make more people miss, but when you're going against yourself it's hard.

As soon as you get happy about one side you're made about the other.

Any feedback on Pro Day?
It was fun to be a part of their pro day. The longer you're at a place the more you feel responsible for what you're watching. We even had guys come back from the year before, Robert Caldwell and some of those guys, it's just fun to see them, be around them.

I didn't get all the results, but it looked like several of them had good days.

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