AUDIO: Pack Players Talk Cardinals

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Louisville.

Ralston Turner

"Most definitely. We went in there and won that game and kind of got on a roll there."

"I think that was a crucial game."

"It makes it hard for the other team to guard all of us. It also opens it up for our big guys as well. They can get in the lane and make plays for everybody."

"When they are doing what they're doing it makes it easier for the rest of us."

Trevor Lacey

"I try to stay aggressive. I know that if I'm aggressive to score it opens up angles and opportunities for my teammates."

"I love passing the ball, and I love getting my teammates involved. If I keep settling for jumpshots it kind of takes away from them."

"If you're scoring you're going to be up and excited. I see that and I try to get my teammates going."

"I think a team you beat you have to approach different, as far as your energy... they are going to come out and try to even the score and beat you. They are going to come out with a chip on a shoulder. We have to match their intensity."

"This one is way more important than the first one was."

"We came out sluggish... we came out slow. If we come out in attack mode defensively... if we guard people, our offense will come."

Abdul-Malik Abu

"It opens up our offense. Cat and Trevor are two of the best guards in the country, especially as a tandem, and when they are aggressive it opens up things for me, Kyle, BeeJay, and Lennard... even Ralston."

"When they are going and they are hot, I feel like we can beat anybody, and even when they aren't, I think we have the pieces on our team to get a little bit from everyone to carry it over."

"I think that's a natural human emotion. When you feel like you're apart of the bigger picture you're going to want to help with the little things."

"It starts with them. Defensively it starts with Cat."

"We have to slow him down. We feel like his offensive skillset is one where if he's comfortable he'll be a dangerous player."

"He's a very talented player, and he'll be in the NBA next year. We have to do our best to lock him down."

Lennard Freeman

"I just tried to basically do the stuff we've done all year... stay in front of him, box him out. He's an energy guy... it's not done until you get the ball."

"You have to match his intensity."

"He's kind of like me I think. They run plays for him though... but you have to put a body on him or he might put one on your head. Nobody wants to get put on SportsCenter. You have to box him out and match his intensity."

"I think slow starts. We don't want to have slow starts. We had a slow start against LSU, but we overcame that."

"You can't have a slow start because you may not be fortunate enough to overcome it."

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