AUDIO: Rick Pitino Talks NC State

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino recently met with the media, and here is the audio and some quotes on NC State from Pitino's press conference.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino recently met with the media, and here is the audio (courtesy of Jody Demling and Cardinal Authority) and some quotes on NC State from Pitino's press conference.

"We’re obviously excited to be in the Sweet Sixteen. We took a day off yesterday because the West Coast trip knocks a lot out of you. So today I’m sure we’ll have a little bit of a sluggish practice trying to get our feet back, but I think the adrenaline is going to be very high and we’re looking forward to playing another ACC basketball game.

"We know how good NC State is because they beat us by 8-10 points at home, and not too many teams do that and they did it. We also realize they’ve won 8-of-10, their frontcourt is playing extremely well, and their backcourt is playing outstanding."

"They’ve beaten some pretty damn good teams on their court. We know it will be a hard-fought game. It’s not only an outstanding team we’re playing, but there’s a lot at stake."

"Against NC State we were 0-for-9 [on challenged shots]. We have been 8 percent on the year. If you have under five [challenged shots], you’re playing good offense."

"[In the first matchup against NC State] the challenged shots bothered me and their lack of rebounding bothered me. But more than anything else, I think you’ve got to give them credit. After watching it, they just dominated us in a lot of phases of the game."

"[Quentin Snyder] has himself a hell of an assignment. He has to try and contain Cat Barber. Our other guards couldn’t do it. We got beat mostly by Cat Barber with our forwards getting beat. When he'd penetrate, say on the sideline, and we’re in a trap situation, they got beat a lot."

"I think we've realized certain things defensively [from the first matchup]. We’ve pointed it out to them, where and how we get beat. I think we’re much smarter in the last month than where we’ve been."

"They’ll make some changes. They’ll see our weaknesses, and they'll make some changes. We were winning in that game and bad shots led to our demise as well as poor ball containment led to our demise. So it was a close game, a hard-fought game and then we took bad shots. We allowed them to get paint touches. They’re a very good offensive rebounding team... they can kill you on the offensive glass."

They can score at every position, Turner scores, they score at the one and two... their four's and five's are very physical, they’re a deep basketball team."

"What impresses you is the teams they've played, and who they’ve beaten. They’re capable on any given night of beating anybody. If you don’t play great defense, you’ll have a long night against them."

"They’re very physical, very athletic... very physical. You’re not going to find a more athletic basketball team. They are very athletic, and they’re very fast."

"[Cat Barber] is a great defender... great defender. He probably draws the offensive foul as well as any player in basketball, on the ball. He has great speed... great hands. He knows how to play the game. He’s very intelligent. He’s improved his jump shot."

"It’s not a big deal. We stopped... we just went in a different direction [when recruiting Cat Barber], which happens in recruiting. It’s not anything major."

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