SYRACUSE, NY -- Several NC State players met with the media to discuss the loss to Louisville.

Ralston Turner

"Their points in the paint. They got a lot of points in the paint tonight."

"That was one of the things that they didn't the first time."

"It's hard but I'm thankful for the opportunity. I'm thankful I was able to be in this position."

"Things happen for a reason and God puts you in place for a reason."

"Nobody gave us a chance... everyone counted us out when we lost T.J. last year. Overall it was probably surprising."

"I think they have a lot of key guys coming back and they are already talented."

Trevor Lacey

"It has to be Gill. We came out and defended them well."

"The seven straight points Gill scored, that hurt us a lot. He's been a guy that played spot minutes... we knew about him, we were aware of him."

"That's it. Their last run was just bigger than ours."

"There's no suspense on me. Me and coach, we talk. We talked about it before the season. If I was to do anything I'd make sure he knew first. There's no surprises."

Abdul-Malik Abu

"He wasn't a focal point, I can tell you that."

"They zoned us the whole game, so it's hard going against a zone, especially with their athleticism."

"It slowed us down a lot."

"We never put our heads down, we just kept trying to persevere."

Lennard Freeman

"We were in it until about the 6:00 mark they made a little run. They turned it to another gear after that."

"There was a lot of lead changes... we didn't retaliate after that."

"Rozier played with a lot of energy, Harrell played with a lot of energy."

"If we don't match their intensity we're not going to be able to win."

Cat Barber

"It hurts us that he's gone, but there's always next year. We have Terry coming in and he can shoot the ball just like Ralston."

"We're a fighting team. We just fought the whole year. We're going to keep fighting and get ready for next year."

"That last run... I forgot the kid's name but he came in and made some big shots. That gave them momentum."

"I was throwing up and stuff before the game, but I won't blame it on that. The two three's I made I just got lift on my shot. The other shots I wasn't getting lift."

BeeJay Anya

"They were sticking with it the entire game."

"The three of them, Ralston, Dez, and Staats. Those three are the heart of our team. The are vocal leaders... model students."

"We feel for them, having their season end so early."

"Their guards were getting penetration."

"They had an extra push there in the end."

"A lot of us know him from the circuit. He hasn't been playing well recently, but he came out and took advantage of his opportunities. He's a good player. Good players do that."

Kyle Washington

"Their run down the stretch... it was neck and neck the whole game."

"They had a few key plays down the stretch."

"Gill came in. You have to give credit to him. He was ready to make a difference."

"Ralston did everything he was supposed to do his whole time here. He was an exceptional leader."

"I'm proud of them."

"We have great depth. I was a little irritated because people were bashing us."

"We had a great run."

"We had a great recruiting class with the Twins and Malik. Our core group, we're very close. You have Terry coming in next year. We're going to be a good team."

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