Wolfpack An Early Option For Skowronek

NC State just offered recently but has quickly become a favorite of wide receiver Ben Skowronek.

Look up and down NC State’s depth chart and you might see some receivers that are poised for a strong season. What you will not find a lot of the kind of size that causes problems for smaller cornerbacks.
That will help you understand Ben Skowronek’s offer from the Wolfpack. Skowronek (6-3, 205) is big and he’s only going to get bigger. That size presents a matchup problem for defensive coordinators and Skowronek already knows how to use that superior height to his advantage.
NC State’s coaches did not start recruiting Skowronek until last week. The offer came very soon after the initial contact. Skowronek’s relationship with NC State might have just been jump started but there are some reasons that he has thought about the school in the past.
“I have a couple of connections up there. We actually have a janitor at our school who is related to the receivers coach at NC State. He told Coach McDonald about me and that’s when Coach McDonald started talking to me. My uncle is actually friends with the offensive coordinator and that helped out a little bit with Coach Canada. I think they played football with each other at Indiana. That helped out and a couple of nights ago they offered.”
Skowronek has already talked to several coaches. He said they all like his size and they told him that they do not have anyone on the roster with his kind of size at receiver. The coaches also told Skowronek that they like how he can go up and get the ball in the air. He has a nice vertical for a big receiver.
He does not know anything about NC State’s offense yet but Skowronek is expecting to set up his visit to Raleigh in the next several days. He is at the end of his basketball season and tied up with that so he may not be able to make it down for a practice. But just after that he should be in the city.
Skowronek said he knows NC State has a very good football program and his excitement over the offer only rose after he talked to Dave Doeren last Wednesday.
“Coach Doeren was on the phone telling me how they have a great crowd every game. I like how they’re competing in the ACC. They want to win it all as soon as possible. He told me he has a lot of connections in the Midwest. A lot of their staff does. I know one of their coaches told me he coached at Ball State. Coach Canada played at IU. I think Coach McDonald is originally from my hometown. They have a lot of connections to this area. My interest in them is pretty high with it being an ACC school. It’s a power five conference so I’m excited to learn more about it.”
Lots of schools closer to Fort Wayne, IN have offered Skowronek. From the Big Ten he has offers from Iowa, Indiana and Purdue. That could be a help to those schools but Skowronek said NC State’s east coast anchorage actually helps them.
“There are a couple of schools standing out so far. I’m not going to say who yet but I can say NC State is one of them. They have stood out to me. They’re a southern school. We get a lot of snow in Fort Wayne and I don’t really like that.”
NC State could be the next school that Skowronek visits. He said Iowa is another school he wants to see soon. He has been to Wisconsin, Purdue, Notre Dame and Indiana already.

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