Pack A Constant With Dawkins

NC State has been consistent in their recruiting of wide receiver Chavis Dawkins. Pack Pride talked with him after a weekend visit to NC State.

Some schools have come and gone and their interest has risen or dipped. NC State has been steady and reliable in the way they have come after Chavis Dawkins. It has been refreshing to know there is a school that brings a consistent approach.
NC State is not the only school that has been that way with Dawkins (6-2, 195). Wake Forest to their credit has recruited Dawkins the same way. Both schools have offered and talk to him often enough that Dawkins knows their interest is not just fleeting. UMass, Georgia Southern and Elon have offered him too but NC State and Wake Forest are the ACC programs that seem to most have his attention.
Tennessee is the main school in the SEC that talks to Dawkins but their interest has been more come and go. South Florida, North Carolina and App State talk to him infrequently but they do not have offers out to him.
Because the Wolfpack has been so good to Dawkins in making him feel appreciated Dawkins has gone out of his way to return the favor. He went to the NCSU-FSU game and returned Saturday to see the same program for the first time in the spring. Visiting in the spring is very different than going to a game so Dawkins has looked at the school from multiple angles. He has seen what kind of energy fills the stadium when a famous opponent brings in the national television crews and he has seen the more average day to day look in the offseason.
“The game was a good atmosphere. This time we just toured and then we watched them scrimmage. I met with the head coach in his office but I talked to all of them. I talked to everybody. Mainly they were talking about how they want me and how they can use me in their system.”
Dawkins would not say NC State is his favorite or that any other school has that honor. He said that it is a school he will look into more and a school that has impressed him so far. That cautious response means he is not close to a decision or at least that is the way it seems. It is undeniable that NC State and Wake Forest are the two schools that he has been thinking the most about so far.
NC State offered Dawkins last summer so it has been almost a year since they first started getting to know him.
“It’s been a weekly thing talking to Coach Kitchings. He talks to my parents a little bit. He talks to my dad.”
Dawkins said his parents both seem to be just fine with NC State. They both visited NC State with him on Saturday and came away telling him that they enjoyed it. Dawkins did not talk to any of the players and that sometimes happens when recruits come in town in the spring.
Before he was at NC State Dawkins visited Wake Forest for their last Junior Day which he called an “Elite Day.”
“It’s a smaller campus but I thought it was nice. I like State’s campus too. They’re both really nice.”

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