Powell Is Solid For Clemson

Despite a couple of visits to NC State, Greenville (NC) Rose wide receiver Cornell Powell says he is solid to Clemson.

Cornell Powell committed to Clemson roughly one year before he expects to sign. He has not hinted that he’s having second thoughts but he did visit NC State last weekend.

That would be at least two visits to Raleigh since committing to Clemson. So is Powell looking around?

Powell did say that he visited NC State but he had a laugh when he answered the question. It was almost like he anticipated the fall out and wanted to nip any rumors in the bud and shut down any talk or concern on Clemson’s side before it started.

“I went with my teammate and he’s going to NC State. He asked me to go along with him.”

Marquise Braxton is the player that visited with Powell. He did not sign scholarship papers with the Wolfpack but that is the player Powell spoke of.

It was also Kentavius Street that Powell was eager to see. He is a player that Powell looked up to that is two years older than him and he was happy to pay the visit to see how things are going.

In fact Street and Powell are the two biggest names from Greenville Rose over the last several classes. Those two have a special bond thanks to that fact alone.

Powell said he enjoyed the visit but he did not want to say too much else. Part of that was his desire to play down any talk of the visit being more than a courtesy to a friend.

“We watched a spring practice and that was it. We hung out with our former teammate Kentavius because we hadn’t seen him in so long. He was just talking to Marquise really. He was talking to my teammate about coming up there. The coaches know I’m solid with Clemson.”

It was not Powell’s first visit to NC State. He has visited a few other times in the past but he said again that this trip was a courtesy to a friend. In fact this may have been his last visit to any school other than Clemson.

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