Deacs, Pack Battle For Tucker

Pack Pride has the latest on Atlanta (GA) B.E.S.T. Academy tight end Robert Tucker.

NC State and Wake Forest sometimes compete for the same recruits but in most cases those are players from North Carolina. In the case of Robert Tucker the two competing ACC Atlantic Division rivals both want someone from Georgia.

The emergence of Georgia as a major hub of high school football talent has happened as the Atlanta area has grown into one of America’s largest cities and the surrounding areas in Atlanta have blossomed as well. Population growth has led to the growth in the population of football players with college futures and that has led in turn to almost every school on the east coast recruiting the state each and every year.

Tucker does not seem to mind the idea of leaving his home state. He does have interest in Georgia as almost every high school football player there does. He has talked to Auburn too. The east Alabama school recruits Georgia as much as most any school outside the state.

Those two schools have not offered Tucker. NC State, Wake Forest and Charlotte have. That’s from North Carolina alone. Louisville, Florida Atlantic, Georgia State, South Alabama and Troy are other southern schools that have offered Tucker (6-3, 230).

Tucker’s size might be hurting him with some of the schools in the south. As it is he is a very skilled tight end that thinks of himself as an h-back. That means he might be lining up behind the tackles in a position that has become more commonly used in the last few years.

He is not sure of his speed. The last time Tucker ran the forty he was a freshman in high school. Speed has not stopped those schools already mentioned from offering. Tucker said his versatility is the thing coaches talk about more than anything else. They like that he is the total package. He can run, catch, block and do everything he is asked to do.

NC State and Wake Forest are both schools that Tucker has visited in the past. He was at Wake Forest on March 7 and again last Saturday. A trip to Charlotte followed this weekend’s Wake Forest visit and that was on Sunday. Not long before that Tucker visited NC State.

Tucker said Wake Forest is his number one choice for the time being.

“I really like Wake Forest. It’s a good school. I’m thinking about going there. I just like the coaching staff and everything about it. I feel good when I’m up there.”

Other schools have time to catch up. Tucker has not committed to Wake Forest yet and his only qualification is he wants to have his decision made by the time his senior year at B.E.S.T. Academy begins. That gives him about five months to play with on the calendar before his self imposed deadline hits.

Of all the other schools recruiting Tucker there is a chance NC State might have the best chance to unseat the Deacs.

“I went for the Junior Day up at NC State and toured around. I really liked the school, the weight room, and everything else there at NC State. I haven’t talked to them as recently as a couple others but they were my first offer so that’s one I’ll think about. They came to the school and talked to my coach and that’s when they offered me. When I found out about that offer I was happy. That’s a blessing. It was a D-1 offer so you remember that.”

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