Walston Closing In On A Decision

Wilmington (NC) New Hanover tight end Garrett Walston is a major Pack target and he's closing in on a decision. Pack Pride has the latest.

Wilmington (NC) New Hanover TE Garrett Walston could be closing in on a decision and that could be very good news for North Carolina State. The Wolfpack has come on strong in recent months and Walston thinks it could be a good fit in Raleigh for a player like him.
Walston has visited NC State as much as any other school dating back to last year. His relationship with the school began in earnest when he attended the football game against Boston College. Then came his attendance at the basketball game against Notre Dame. There was the Junior Day earlier this year in January and then last Friday he visited again to watch practice, sit down in the position meetings and talk to the coaches.
There is also Walston’s friendship with NC State player Coult Culler who is moving to defensive tackle. Walston had a chance to talk to Culler after the practice on Friday. During the entire practice he could be seen talking to David Grinnage.
“He (Grinnage) was out with a back injury so he was able to tell me about things they do. He was explaining things about the drills they do during practice. We had a good conversation. I like the guys they have up there. It’s absolutely a good group of guys.”
He likes the coaches too. Even more than that Walston likes what the coaches have had to say for him and his future.
“They use the tight ends a lot. Of course they have David who gets all the accolades and whatnot. He’s the main guy but they don’t only use him. They use everybody they have on their roster as a tight end. Everybody gets a chance to play. Everybody gets a chance to show what they have on gameday.
“They’re sending me stuff in the mail all the time. Coach Kitchings and Coach Faulkner will email me and show me that I’m the number one tight end on their board. They made it clear that I’m the guy they really want.”
As Grinnage was giving Walston the commentary on what was happening during practice, Walston (6-4, 225) was taking a closer look for himself. He said he liked the practice a lot from the warmups to the music that was designed to get their blood pumping.
“It got everybody awake. It was 9:30 in the morning so that music was key for an early morning practice. It just felt like pregame but it was practice.”
North Carolina has wanted Walston just as badly as NC State. Walston has been to North Carolina in the past and said there are things he likes about that school too.
“It’s even really,” Walston said when asked if he has a favorite between the two rivals.
That does not mean it is only between NC State and North Carolina. A couple of weeks ago Walston visited Georgia and he said his time in Athens was a lot of fun. They had a recruiting day for younger players like Walston and he was honored for the invite.  Georgia had a scrimmage in their stadium on that day too. He was at North Carolina’s basketball game against Duke in the weeks leading up to that Georgia trip.
After his last four visits to NC State, the Wolfpack has positioned itself as a major player for Walston's commitment.

“I’ve got a lot of interest in them without a doubt. There is a lot to like about them. They’re near the top if not at the top right now. I’ve kind of told some people that maybe by the middle of this month I’ll have a decision. It may be the end of the month or the beginning of May. It won’t be any later than the end of May though.”

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