EYBL: V.J. King Q&A

HAMPTON, VA -- Fairfax (VA) five-star wing V.J. King is playing with Team Takeover on the AAU circuit, and Pack Pride recently caught up with him for a recruiting update.

Fairfax (VA) five-star wing V.J. King is playing with Team Takeover on the AAU circuit, and Pack Pride recently caught up with him for a recruiting update.


Playing with Team Takeover now... it’s a new AAU team for you, how’s the transition going?
It’s been great with this team. I picked this team because it’s very similar to how my high school team plays, quick pace, I wanted to play for a place where I could be more aggressive and just a place that likes to run and lets me use me use the skills that I have so my progression can continue.

With you having the recruiting attention both from coaches and media for a while now, how are you handling the recruiting process now that it’s getting relatively closer to the end?
I kinda handle it with my mother and my coach because I’ve never done it before, so they help me a lot with it, talk with me about pros and cons, what coaches have been calling me a lot and sometimes they even tell me to shut my phone off and just relax because it gets hectic sometimes.

With the coaches calling a lot, who do you make an effort to stay in contact with?
I stay in contact with everybody. I’m not shutting any schools down. I'm open, and I don’t have any kind of a list right now.

From reports it appears there’s been interest shown to you by the staffs from NC State and North Carolina. Can you detail what the communication has been like with them and you and your family?
It’s really the same with everybody, I’ve been in contact with Coach Early from NC State and Coach Robinson from North Carolina. It’s not really much difference between the two of them. I’ve been to both schools. They are both great programs.

What do you remember most from your campus visits to those two schools?
NC State it was a long time ago, I was in middle school when I went and visited there. I went to the Duke vs North Carolina game at North Carolina, so the atmosphere was pretty crazy to me. It was crazy to me to be in that atmosphere with everybody screaming and hollering.

What was the dialogue like with the UNC coaches when you were on campus visiting?
They told me that it was the start of a relationship because I hadn’t really been in contact with North Carolina.

Has NC State or North Carolina ever discussed the possibility of a scholarship offer for you in any discussions?
You never really know, I just play, so if a coach offers me, I don’t really know. In terms of that, the only ones that haven’t offered are Duke and North Carolina, so we’ll see what happens next.

When you evaluate your potential fit at the next level do you look more at a team’s overall style of play, or do you evaluate more how they utilize guys who play your position?
I definitely look at what they do with their freshman at my position, what they do and how they play, different roles they have. That’s a huge contributing factor to what schools I decide to look at.

Are there any programs that you feel really stand out with how they utilize and develop players like you?
There’s a whole lot, this is the first time I really studied the game was during this NCAA Tournament, it was the first time that I really sat and watched a whole lot of games. There’s a lot of schools and I’m not trying to get into a list or whatnot.

Do you think you need to see a clear path to potentially earning playing time at a school to seriously consider them, that a fair read?
I don’t want anything guaranteed, but I definitely want to be in a place where I’m in a position to do what I do, contribute and play with my teammates. I want to be a two guard in college.

Do you and your family have a plan for the rest of your recruiting process and where it’s heading?
I’ll probably narrow my list down towards the middle of the summer just to see if any other schools show some interest. I’m waiting to hear what happens with Duke and North Carolina, so we’ll see what happens there.

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