Matthews High On NC State

National Christian Academy (MD) wing Christian Matthews is high on NC State, and he updated his recruitment with Pack Pride.

National Christian Academy (MD) wing Christian Matthews is high on NC State, and he updated his recruitment with Pack Pride.


How’s the recruiting process been going for you Christian?
It’s been going good, ever since I went with Team Takeover it’s sky-rocketed. I’ve just been in the gym every single day and like I said it’s sky-rocketed.

How so?
NC State right now, they have been giving me a lot of love down there lately, and I plan on taking a visit there real soon after the next session or two. Then it’s also Cincinnati, Miami, schools like that.

With NC State being a newer player to your recruitment—what’s the communication been like with them so far?
They just are happy to see my progress, they said they came to this tournament because they couldn’t wait to see me play and I just kept that mindset to play hard in front of the coaches. During my high school season when they first came, they always like my game and I just kept working on progressing.

Did they indicate what they think of your game and what caused their interest to come to be in you?
Well they really wasn’t interested in me at first until I showcased my talent in New Jersey when we played Life Center there. I played a stellar game there, and he just said that I remind them of TJ Warren and I took that as a complement.

Ever since then I just kept working.

Are they pitching you to play a similar role to what TJ and Trevor Lacey have played for them recently, that big guard/wing role?
Yeah I think so, that might be the role.

What are your impressions of NC State so far, especially as a program?
I think it’s a good coaching staff and I think they are a family oriented team and the style that they play, I like that style with getting out into transition and make plays with the guards. I think I could be very successful there.

You indicating you are hoping to visit soon—was that as NC State’s request or was that more you indicating your desire to them that you would like to visit soon?
They asked me to, well actually, we both wanted me to go. I told them I wanted to come down and they told me they would love to have me come down and visit. Whenever I’m free I can just take a ride down there.

Are you planning on visiting with your full family, coaches, what’s the plan there?
Probably my head coach and probably my father.

Have they discussed the potential of a scholarship offer with you?
Oh yeah, they expressed an offer, they just said that we can’t wait to get you down here, you are one of the best players in the DMV area and they just said we’re looking to offer you soon so just keep working.

How do you see an offer from them affecting your recruitment big picture wise?
I think that’s a big picture in my requirement because that’s ACC Basketball, which is one of the strongest conferences in America. If I can get them, I can get anybody else in the ACC.

Once you go down for your visit—what kind of questions do you go in with?
Just playing time, what my role would be, stuff like that. Little questions, not real major stuff.

Can you run me down on the current list of programs that have given you firm scholarship offers at this point Christian?
Cincinnati, Rhode Island. I’ve got interest from Miami, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers, lot of schools, that’s the main ones I can think of.

Do you and your family have a plan in place at this time regarding your recruitment including when you ideally want to commit?
No, we are planning on working on that though because this is a big year for me. A lot of offers could come if I play hard enough. A part of me says decide early because after this session you pretty much may know what’s really going to be on the table for you but another part says you can wait because a big man at our school waited, and he got Georgia Tech so I mean, waiting on the process, I just to have wait and see.

Do you think you want to take all 5 official visits that are available to you, or do you think you need less?
I’m planning on taking all 5.

Are there any schools that you consider it a no-brainer that you are going to take an official visit to them?
NC State for sure, that’s the only one right now I’m for sure with, maybe Maryland.

I think I would be on the radar with NC State that I could play ACC Basketball if they offered me and if they have confidence in me that I could come play at their school, then maybe other schools might think I could come play in their program, either with the ACC or the Big East.

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