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Concord (NC) Robinson 2017 point guard Lavar Batts is one of the top young players in the state, and NC State is one of his early favorites.

Concord (NC) Robinson 2017 point guard Lavar Batts is one of the top young players in the state, and NC State is one of his early favorites. Here is a recent Q&A he did with Pack Pride following an AAU Tournament game.


I noticed you talking a lot with your teammates during this game—what leads you to set that kind of example to your teammates?
I mean that’s what my dad always tell me. Even if nothing is falling, you always need to make sure you talk on defense to your teammates because you always want to let your teammates know that you have their help on the backside. If you don’t talk then nobody knows what’s going on and everybody will be walking around not knowing what’s going on around them.

Where do you think your leadership intangibles come from ? You seem like a natural leader with your teammates from watching you on the court with them...
It’s come from my dad, he always says that me talking on the court, that’s what the point guard is supposed to do. He’s supposed to talk and lead his team, so that’s what I try to do. Plus with watching other NBA players and seeing how they talk at halftime or during the breaks or the middle of the game, I learn a lot from that. That’s telling me that in order to get to where they are, I have to talk to my teammates.

What NBA players do you like to watch for what you just described?
I watch Chris Paul and Steph Curry and I watch how they talk to their big guys, they tell them to pick it up, how to come off pick and roll, how to defend certain guys, I got your back, hedge off the screens and picks, stuff like that I watch.

With wanting to be a point guard at the next level—how would you describe what kind of point guard you try to be for fans who haven’t seen you play?
I’m a pass first point guard for sure but if I see an open shot or an open lane, I will take it, but most of the time I will pass first because most of the time if we have a better shot with a teammate, I’ll pass it to them. I started playing the point guard spot since I was 4. My dad played point guard so everything I do I learned from him. This recruiting process is all a new thing for us though.

Since it’s a new process for you—are you handling a lot of the process or is it more your dad?
Yes sir, we’ve been on visits when they called us and came and watched me practice with my teammates at the school, then we sat down with them and talked to them, got letters. It’s going good.

Which programs have you visited so far?
NC State twice, Wake Forest twice, Clemson and UNCC. I visited NC State during the football season when they played Florida State and I visited them for basketball when they beat Duke.

You going on those visits to NC State—was that because you were already interested in them and you asked to visit, or was it the coaching staff asked you to come down?
Any school I don’t care what the school is, if I know I can get a free education there to play ball, I’m going to go look at it.

What were the conversations like with the NC State staff when you visited the two times?
It was good, it really reminded me of home in that everybody talked to each other, everybody showed love to each other, nobody seemed like I don’t know you. Everybody came up to us and were really friendly, asking how we were doing. It was good, real good.

Did they discuss the possibility of a scholarship offer during either visit?
No not yet, but I’m going to keep playing and praying that they do soon. They said they are close to offering, them and Wake Forest.

What’s the communication been like for you and your dad with Coach Gottfried?
I had good interactions with them before each of their games, we talked, it’s been good, it’s been a real blessing because a lot of kids wished they could have this and I was one of those kids who watched the videos and wished that I could be like them one of these days. I’m living the dream and I’m thankful for that, none of this would be possible without God.

Who is making you a real priority from a recruiting perspective?
NC State is showing up the most.

Do you consider NC State to be a favorite of yours?
Yes sir, NC State and Davidson, they are starting to come around too.

Where’s your process going next?
I don’t know, I’m going to take it year by year, I’m not going to rush anything, but I’m not going to force anything, I’m just going to keep playing ball and keep working and letting everything come.

If NC State offers you—how do you see that affecting your overall recruitment?
I mean if that offer comes and if I know once my senior year comes that I have a good offer, Davidson’s a good school too, I would love to go there or to NC State too. Like I said before, any school that would allow me to get a free education, I’ll look at them.

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