Randle Has Local Ties to NC State

LB Brandon Randle may live in Michigan but his ties to North Carolina run deep. NC State hopes to use that connection to their advantage on the recruiting trail.

Brandon Randle lives in Michigan, has a Michigan State offer, and knows a lot about the Spartans. It would seem like Michigan State would be a slam dunk. NC State might have something to say about that.
Randle is not the average Michigander. He only lives in the state for most of the year. Most of the year but not all of it. The rest of the time he is in North Carolina.
“I’m in Raleigh for the whole entire summer. I go down to North Carolina. I have family down there. I go down there numerous times throughout the year. My mom actually stays in the Garner area near Garner High School. I used to live down there for around like six or seven years.”
That has to be taken as good news for NC State. The Wolfpack has offered Randle and they want him to join their recruiting class so anything that bonds him to the area or makes the area more attractive has to be viewed in a positive light.
Just as Randle is not the average Michigander he also is not the average football recruit that lives in Raleigh for a big part of the year.
“The entire time I had been living down there and visiting I hadn’t been to an NC State football game, basketball game or really anything. I had only rode past the campus or seen the campus and seen the football stadium. I hadn’t really looked at anything or gone there.”
That has been changing. About a month ago Randle got his offer from NC State. That caused him to start to look at that local school a little differently. If you can call it a local school. NC State has been talking to Randle since last summer when he camped in Raleigh. That camp was his first in person look at the school on a deeper level than just driving past the campus or seeing the stadium from a distance.
Eddie Faulker talks to Randle just about every week and has been doing that especially since the offer was given.
Randle had not visited NC State for the many years he had been living in or visiting the state but since that camp last summer he has been visiting as often as he can make it happen.
“I’ve been back to NC State about three or four times since the camp. I went to a few spring practices the last spring break and while I was down there during Christmas break I visited too. I know the coaches pretty well now. I like Coach Doeren. He’s a straightforward kind of guy. I really like the linebackers coach they have. Coach Hux is a real cool guy. I’ve sat in on some of his film sessions or whatever and I liked how that was. I like to see them work out so I mean it’s pretty cool there.”
It could be said that Randle has local offers from NC State and Michigan State. He knows a lot about both programs now and there would be benefits to going to either school.
“Because my mom actually stays down there and I’ve got other family there and with them having as good of a football program as they have I’d say my interest would be pretty high. It’s really high.”
Randle will be living in North Carolina this summer and that could be important as many recruits will be committing to one school or another during that time. Living in Raleigh during the months of June, July and part of August will allow Randle to visit the school as much as he wants. He met some of the linebackers on some of his last visits to NC State so the next time he visits if they are on campus or getting ready for fall camp he will have more people he knows.
Michigan State is making the same kind of case that NC State is. They are telling Randle that Battle Creek and East Lansing are not far apart and they have a lot of success to advertise.
“I live in Battle Creek. I have an offer from them. I’ve been up there numerous times because they’re so close.”
Randle lives about half an hour from Western Michigan so he went there for the spring game. He was at Michigan State’s spring game last weekend. Toledo was the first school to offer in the winter and he has visited there too.
If Randle makes his decision in the summer there might be some that will assume NC State is the choice. He will be in Raleigh after all. But Randle said he does not know when he will be ready to end recruiting. He does see the benefits to doing that before the end of the summer and thinks that could be something good to shoot for. But for Randle there is a clear reason to do that.
“Just in case I get hurt or something. Real reasons like that.”
Some players make their decisions without consulting family and others allow family members to steer them in one direction or another. Randle said he is trying to strike a balance between making the decision himself and giving his parents some input into how things will play out. His parents want him to at least keep an open mind until after his senior season.
Randle is rated a three-star prospect and the No. 33 outside linebacker in the nation by Scout.com

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