Pack After New Orleans Tight End

NC State has offered New Orleans (LA) tight end Peyton Aucoin and he talks about it with Pack Pride.

The programs NC State may have to beat out to gain a commitment from Peyton Aucoin may elicit the same feeling you get when your favorite team draws the toughest bracket in March Madness.
It is a stacked field and that may be an understatement. The word “may” is key here. Arizona State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest have offered and those schools have all been proven capable of picking up solid commitments. It is the list of others that could offer that might make somebody a little worried.
Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Texas have all decided to take a closer look at Aucoin (6-5, 251). The tight end has the size of an offensive tackle and no matter what position he plays he should add a lot of muscle at the line of scrimmage. Those schools like to wear down their opponents and he is from New Orleans so the SEC schools have known about him for a long time.
Aucoin said NC State is one of the schools that is recruiting him the hardest too. Aucoin learned of his offer from NC State two months ago and Eddie Faulkner has not wasted any time in getting to know him. It is a rare day that passes when Faulkner and Aucoin do not have some kind of exchange with one another.
Faulkner made it even more clear that he wants Aucoin to be a park of the Wolfpack signing class when he made a trip to Brother Martin H.S. last week. Aucoin has not visited NC State yet.
“I’m going to try to visit. I know it’s a good football program and just a good school. Coach Faulkner is a cool guy. I really like him and talking to him every day. Last night we were talking about the fight (between Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather) and everything else so that was cool.”
Even though LSU, Alabama and Texas have not offered Aucoin has visited those schools. It is true that those schools might be a little easier for Aucoin to visit than NC State so that should be kept in mind when estimating Aucoin’s interest in NC State. He will tell you that all three of those schools hold great appeal however.
“LSU’s nice because it’s pretty close to home and it’s just similar. It’s a place a lot of my friends are going to go to. Alabama was real nice. You know everything over there is just real nice. Texas was nice too. It’s a nice campus and they have great facilities.”
Brother Martin is in the middle of spring football so it will be hard for Aucoin to visit NC State in May. If he does visit that would happen either in the summer or later when he could take an official visit. He does not have any official visits scheduled.

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