AUDIO: Pack Ready For ACC Tourney

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Elliott Avent, Andrew Knizer, and Logan Ratledge met with the media today to discuss the 2015 ACC Tournament.

Elliott Avent

"It was a little scare at practice this morning... Ratledge took one off the hand this morning in practice. I heard the whole ballpark... sshh. It shows you how important he is to our ballclub."

"We're excited. It's going to be fun. I told the guys you're getting on a different bus tomorrow morning. It's the postseason bus and it's now all fun."

"All the things they've fought through. It will be a lot of fun starting tomorrow morning."

"Sticking with things... when you learn how to stick through things in life, if you're good enough there's a reward at the end. Most people quit along the way."

"Look at our basketball team. We've followed a similar path the last few years. They lost like five of six, Trevor's basket gets waved off and they stuck with it... went on an amazing streak that almost ended at the Final Four."

"We kind of did the same thing... stuck with it through a tough road in a tough league and now we've come out on top."

"We've been to it many times, but what they've done to that ballpark, it looks almost totally different."

"It's going to be fun to go over there. Jim Goodman is a big baseball fan."

"He's glad to see that NC State is there because our fans do a great job of filling it up."

"You always like to play in front of your fans... chances are we'll play in front of our people and it will be a lot of fun."

"Chris Hart told me when we recruited him that he was going to be good. He said, 'Coach, you're going to love this guy.' He's tough, he throws strikes, and he knows how to win, so we expected this. As a freshman, to have this kind of year you're not quite certain that's going to happen, but we knew this coming in."

"They are a good team and have had a great year. Their coaching staff has done a great job. It should be a good ballgame."

Logan Ratledge

"It was a very emotional day. I told all the guys on the team it was going to be a tough one."

"It was definitely a weird feeling."

"I can't replace all the memories I've had with my teammates and coaches."

"I'm glad we got a top six seed... we're going to take it one game at a time."

"We're playing with a lot of confidence and have a lot of guys making things happen... throughout the lineup, guys are making big hits and big pitches."

"I think so... Bubby has been working hard all year. Things haven't necessarily gone his way but he got a big hit for us. It was a big momentum change."

"It was an adjustment. I ended up playing second for a while and adjusted back... at the same time it's a ground ball."

"He's the best defensive third baseman I've seen by far. I don't care what level, Cape Cod, it doesn't matter where I've played throughout the years, he's by far the best defensive third baseman I've seen."

"When we played Notre Dame we played hard and had a couple of tough losses... but confidence is huge in this game and right now everybody has a lot of confidence."

Andrew Knizer

"We're staying in our own beds so we kind of have a little advantage."

"We're going to come out tomorrow and play hard, play smart, and be ready to go."

"They are a good team. It should be a good game."

"We've played these guys for a three-game series so we pretty much know everything."

"I think we'll definitely take what we've learned and be ready to go tomorrow."

"The chemistry has been really good, our team has bonded really well. You have to give a lot of credit to the seniors for their leadership and how they run the team."

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