Avent: "We're Playing The Best We've Played"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent discusses his team's NCAA bid with the media. The Wolfpack is the No. 2 seed in the TCU Regional and open up against No. 3 seed Stony Brook on Friday at 2:30.

Elliott Avent

"We do know TCU is very, very good. Stony Brook was the Cinderella team years ago that made it to Omaha."

"We do know TCU has a tremendous pitcher."

"We're playing the best we've played all year."

"We're really together as a team. We have a great challenge in front of us."

"TCU, all year people have said they have the best pitching staff in the country."

"We're very disappointed we didn't get eight."

"It's a great league. We feel like eight teams in this year deserve to go."

"We would have liked to see eight teams get in."

"I'm very disappointed for Mike. Mike and I are friends... Carolina and Clemson really deserved to go."

"Last night was hard on us. I was really in a bad mood last night."

"We played well... we just hit a lot of balls at people."

"I thought they played really well."

"I kind of had a feeling of where we'd be going."

"I think we were very close to getting to host."

"I just had a hunch that we might go to Texas."

"TCU... our players know more than anything. They follow social media like it's nobody's business."

"Preston and Jake Armstrong are pulling for Texas schools because they want to go home."

"You have to play well at this point no matter who you play."

"We are playing well. We need to get a little better this week."

"If we get a little bit better I think we'll have a shot."

"Coach Foxhall has done a tremendous job. What he's done with this pitching staff... if you look at where we were in the fall."

"Brian Brown was a freshman who was used to pitching 40 innings a year and now he's where he is right now."

"I just look at what coach Foxhall did... his consistency with the pitching staff."

"There are no marquee names on the staff, but it's a staff he's put together that we can finish a ballgame with."

"We knew that, but sometimes as a two seed... the one seed is not going to pitch their No. 1 pitcher."

"With that in mind, we have to give some consideration... two and three are considered the same."

"We have to figure out how we'll do this thing. Sometimes you roll the dice."

"It might be who matches up better with TCU."

"We're not going down there to win a game... we want to win this thing. We have to figure out with our staff what's the best chance to win it."

"The way we got to Omaha in 2013 was with the bullpen. As great as Carlos Rodon is... the bullpen was the strength of that ballclub. The bullpen is the strength of this ballclub."

"We've won a lot of different ways and we've lost a lot of different ways."

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