Who is Shaun Kirk? A few people give their assessment of NC State's latest commitment's game.

Who is Shaun Kirk? A few people give their assessment of NC State's latest commitment's game.


"Shaun is an outrageous athlete. He has uncanny athleticism, and he can really shoot the ball from the perimeter. He needs to become more consistent with his jumpshot, but he's a very good teammate to play with, and I love coaching him.

"He has a great upside that people have not seen yet. The best is yet to come for him." -- Whiteville Head Coach Jerry Singletary

"Shaun is very athletic... very athletic. He's amazing to watch because he can do so much. He's a heck of a slasher. A lot of people think he can just do that, but he has a nice outside game where he can shoot the three. If you crowd him he can go around you.

"He's not a selfish player... great kid." -- Team Loaded Head Coach Corey Baker

"Springy... I call him a young Scottie Pippen. He's a long, athletic kid, and I think Shaun has great instincts to the ball. If you look at some of his highlights, it's easy to see it, you can see his instincts. He had one play where the ball comes of the rim and he's tapping it in backwards on the other side of the rim.

"He's worked on his jumpshot, and I'd definitely say his weakest area is ballhandling. When he becomes a better ballhandler, watch out because I think he can be a pro. There's not much else... he has to gain a little more muscle and size, but he's a very athletic, high-energy player." -- Team Loaded Assistant Coach Darryl Harris

"Shaun is a phenomenal athlete. He's an even better player and competitor. He's always read to go to war, and I'll go to war with him at my side any day. He should make an immediate impact [at NC State]." -- Team Loaded Teammate Dennis Smith Jr.

Shaun Kirk

"At 6-6, Kirk is a forward with tremendous athleticism. He finishes off plays around the rim, is a good area rebounder and races End to end looking to punish rims. When given time and space, Kirk is also capable of making off the catch jump shots." -- Recruiting Analyst Evan Daniels

"Shaun is a big time athlete who also can make outside shots. He doesn't have a great ability to create for himself off the dribble, but his athleticism is top notch and that should make him someone who is versatile on the defensive end of the floor. If he can turn himself into a high level shot maker than he has a chance to be a very nice piece to the puzzle for NC State." -- Recruiting Analyst Brian Snow

"Kirk is a two-level scorer. He's a highly athletic finisher above the rim and can knock in open three-pointers. What he's missing presently is an in-between game, because his shooting off the dribble and ballhandling require improvement.

"Still, I think his jump shot and athleticism fit Mark Gottfried's offense well, particularly in the event they're able to sandwich Kirk between a shot-creator such as Dennis Smith and a post weapon like Bam Adebayo.

"I also like Kirk a great deal for his defensive potential. He needs to work on his technique and get stronger, of course, but he possess the quickness and length to harass opposing wings and then transition immediately to offense in the open floor.

"My expectation is he'll need a year to develop himself physically and to acclimate to the speed of he college game, but I think he's a potential two-year starter, depending obviously on the roster's overall composition." -- Recruiting Analyst Rob Harrington

"I'm very excited to have Shaun join our program. He has tremendous upside. I love how hard he plays, and as a perimeter player, he has great length. He has improved every time I watched him play, and he is a player who is committed to getting better." -- NC State Head Coach Mark Gottfried

"My strengths, I'm a pretty good shooter and good rebounder. I'm athletic too.

"I need to work on my ballhandling a lot more and get my defense down because with my length I should be a really good defender." -- NC State Signee Shaun Kirk

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