FORT WORTH, TX -- Here are some quotes following NC State's 5-4 win over TCU.

NC State Head Baseball Coach Elliott Avent
“It was a great game by both teams. You won’t find a better game than that in college baseball minus the Miami game in the ACC Tournament. Both teams played their hearts out, back and forth, two great teams. It was a great crowd too. The crowd really appreciated it. As back and forth as it was and with as much emotion that was in it pulling for their ball club when Brian Brown came out of the game they gave him a standing ovation. I thought that was pretty cool. There is a lot of class here in Texas.”

On settling down in the middle innings:
“This team has been so special to coach and to watch grow up. They are growing up every day. The things they say and the things they do in the dugout and how they carry themselves, they calm themselves down. I expect that because there is a lot of leadership and veterans on this ball club. TCU answered with the home run and Brian settled in. It shows how he’s been all year.”

Taking Brian Brown out of the game:
“You always want to leave people like Brian Brown in the game. You never want to take those guys out. We have such a deep and talented bullpen who have been doing it all year as well. Sometimes when the starter goes out and gets you to a certain point, you don’t want to have to take him out, but it’s your job to take him out. I saw his expression and he didn’t want to come out of the game. We go over our plans and scouting reports and watch a lot of film. We have plans going into the game and when things take place you need to follow what you came to do.”

In falling behind:
“You don’t want to fall behind because you know Riley Ferrell is coming in. He is as announced. That’s an electric fastball and a great slider. He’s probably as good as we have seen this year.

On TCU’s Preston Morrison:
Their starting pitcher, Morrison, wow. We heard how good he was — two-time Big 12 Pitcher of the Year — that should say enough right there. As much as we were told how good he was I thought he was better. He’s outstanding.”

Brian Brown, LHP
Atmosphere at Lupton Stadium in the postseason:

“It’s definitely a big stage. It was a crazy atmosphere. They are yelling at you and everybody is heckling you, but I’ve always been able to stay calm and take deep breaths and do my thing.”

Chance Shepard, DH
On game winning HR:

“On this big of a stage in front of that many people for me to do that was awesome. Obviously, it’s the best moment of my life.

“I knew Ferrell was a power guy. Morrison is more crafty. He’s going to try to make you get yourself out. Ferrell is going to come at you, and I was looking for that fastball.”

TCU Head Baseball Coach Jim Schlossnagle
On bouncing back:

“I have full confidence in them. We proved our metal tonight getting down 3-1, and that inning had a chance to get away from us really bad. We’ll be ready to go Sunday. That’s all I can tell you.”

On Riley Ferrell:
“He did great. He was down in the zone. He pitched a thousand times better than he did in the conference tournament. Shepard caught up to a 96-mph fastball. It was down. Considering what he just came off of against Baylor where he couldn’t find the plate, I thought he did great. I have full confidence in Riley.”

On the pitching for the rest of the regional:
“There is no rotation. It’s a one-game season. It’s all hands on deck other than Mitchell Traver and Morrison.”

Preston Morrison, RHP
On the intensity of the game:

“It was pretty intense. We did a good job of staying within ourselves and played a good game. In a game like that it’s razor-thin between winning and losing.”

On the defense:
“I have full confidence in our defense. It’s one of the best in the country. For me, the only thing I could do is flush it (the error) and make quality pitches. I was able to get better height and see the pitch before I threw it. I was a little more comfortable, and I found a groove.”

Garrett Crain, Infielder
“The atmosphere and the crowd and how loud they were and the intensity they had came to us. We were able to stay calm. It was a fun game and competitive.”

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