PC: Pack Talks TCU Loss

FORT WORTH, TX -- NC State's Elliott Avent and several players met with the media after the loss to TCU.

NC State PC

"I've been a head coach 27 years and been in this game for a long time as an assistant as well. This was probably as proud as I've been about any ballclub I've been associated with."

"That's what college athletics is all about. To see people grow up, get better, have pride in themselves, have pride in the school. That's what this bunch does."

"It's disappointing that it didn't end the way, as well as we played, but that's the game. This game will give you a lot of enjoyment and this game will give you a lot of disappointment too."

"[Gilbert] was tired. He pitched Friday, and he gave us all he had. His velocity had gone down from 89 to about 84 or 85, but more than that he wasn't locating his fastball."

"We had so much bullpen left, it's just unfortunate some things happened there."

"It got so loud that I'd like to think it didn't rattle my team, but there were some things that happened with our ballclub and some calls that happened. I don't know, it may have had an affect on everyone."

"Pretty important... I saw nothing. In this coaching profession you make a lot of friends and you know everybody. When you go out there and the third base coach is kind of laughing like, 'Wow, we got lucky there.' The guy couldn't really give me an explanation. To call that... he said he saw a flinch. With 5,000 people screaming, there were probably a lot of flinches."

"I'll watch it over, but he better have flinched more than I thought he had. If he didn't flinch, that would be one of the worst calls I've ever seen."

"I'm sitting there watching Craig hit that fly ball thinking we're dog-piling right now."

"I don't know. I'm not going to say too much because we didn't play as well as we should have the last two innings, but I don't know. I did not like it, I'll tell you that... at all. Hopefully they are graded like we are."

"The whole thing just unraveled for both sides."

"Tommy, who has been so good for us... he throws so hard and feeds off emotion. I think he got too emotional."

"He came in and tried to do too much, and then when he went to left, he probably should have thrown that ball to home."

"It's no need to talk about all that stuff. I'd prefer to focus on what I told our guys... the first seven innings and 60 games this year."

Bubby Riley
"I wouldn't say you can figure out a guy that good. He's got really good stuff. We made a conscious effort to put good at-bats together Swing at pitches we could handle."

Logan Ratledge
"We got a lot of runs and I thought it might have been enough. Obviously the tables turned."

Jake Fincher
"It's been a wild four years. I love this school, and it's been the best decision I've made in my life to come here."

"We were really rolling good here. It's a shame to see it end right now."

"I think we had a good chance to go back this year... I love this school and love everything about it. That's all I've got to say."

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