Kearns Reflects On Wolfpack Visit

Rome (GA) OL Patrick Kearns is a major prospect for NC State. He talks about his trip to Raleigh.

Patrick Kearns knows he has a small amount of time to dedicate totally to recruiting this summer and he is putting all of that time to good use. Kearns (6-6, 270) left his Rome (GA) home at the start of the summer when school ended and if it feels like he has not stopped to catch his breath it is because he hasn’t.
Kearns has been everywhere. That’s the word he uses.

That is a slight exaggeration but the point is he has been on the road nonstop.
“We went to Ole Miss, LSU and Georgia. We’re on a trip right now and we’ve been at Duke and NC State. We’re driving to Virginia Tech right now. We’re hoping to visit Florida and Georgia Tech next week.”

Most of those trips were camps. Ole Miss, LSU, Georgia and Duke have not offered so Kearns wanted to make sure he visited when camps were going on. He put his game on display holding nothing back. He allowed himself to be critiqued and coached. Those schools did not offer at or after the camps but many of them have said the same thing.
They will get back to him.
Coaches at those schools have worked with and simultaneously tried to eye and size up hundreds of players already. Some players they watched were offered immediately. Kearns is one they'll be evaluating headed forward.
Kearns said his visit to NC State was the one that stood out. Some of that might be the offer. NC State had offered already so he didn’t camp. He was just there to see what a future at the school might look like.

“I really liked NC State. That stood out a lot. The other ones were all camps. NC State was the only visit. Virginia Tech will be a visit as well. They offered me too. As far as what I’ve seen I really liked NC State. They aren’t a favorite or anything because I don’t have any favorites but I really liked that.”
Kearns camped at Duke right after he visited NC State. That camp was going well and Kearns could have been on his way to another offer from an ACC school.
“But about halfway through I had some tendonitis flare up in my ankle. That had never happened and I had to drop out and call it quits for the day. So I don’t know where they are right now. I thought Duke was a great place though. I had visited there before and I thought it was great.”
NC State has offered and because they have Kearns is looking at the Wolfpack a little differently. He is not trying to impress the coaches. It is more the coaches are making the case why the Wolfpack would be the right choice for college. When Kearns visited he did not get the sense that they were trying to be something they are not. They presented who they were and what they had with honesty and in a total presentation.
“The dorms were beautiful. They were really nice. The campus itself was very pretty. I liked the coaches a lot too. Coach Doeren’s a really good coach and so was Coach Uremovich. They are very good coaches so I feel good about them.” 

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