Gavin Has Wolfpack Trip On Tap

Frankfort (IL) offensive lineman Kurt Gavin will be visiting NC State in the near future.

Kurt Gavin has a unique approach when it comes to summer camps. It’s one that makes him different than most of his peers but one that he seems to believe in.
“Me and my coaches decided we weren’t doing any camps. We kind of feel like it’s disrespecting the schools that have offered you like you’re telling them they’re not good enough.”
For some players that might not be far from the truth. Some players go to camps to add offers they do not already have. They could just be on the lookout for something else to consider and they might be visiting schools while those camps are going on. Some players might go to camps for other reasons.
Gavin (6-5, 260) must be happy with the offers he has if he is willing to turn down camp opportunities that could bring in more offers. He was very happy after the spring that saw him go from zero offers to six in what seemed like no time.

NC State and Syracuse are the two major conference offers for the Frankfort (IL) offensive tackle. Gavin said he will visit Syracuse and Nevada whenever he can and he is trying to plan the best times for those trips. He has already been Illinois and Western Michigan. NC State is a little different than the schools in either of those categories. He will visit but has a better idea of when he will be there.
“I’m keeping in contact with them and setting up a visit to go there at the end of the month. I like Coach Uremovich because he’s from Illinois and I can relate to them. They’ve talked about (being from NIU). I want to go in the summer because I’m trying to make a decision before the summer ends.
“I’m going to find a place where there’s a family feel. Player development is important. I want to see how their players are developing over the years. Location is important too. It doesn’t have to be close but I would like it to be a nice campus with good academics."
Gavin rated a three-star prospect and the No. 75 offensive tackle in the nation by

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